Behind the scene forces staged another false flag in Hatvan

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

“Unknown perpetrators” painted swastikas over the front doors of several municipal buildings housing gypsies in Hatvan. As you probably suspect by now, this false flag is another attempt by behind the scene forces and their local agents to instigate inter-ethnic tension even those parts of the country where gypsy-Hungarian relations are relatively peaceful.

NGOs, camouflaging themselves as human rights organizations have been doing these sorts of subversive activities for years; the goal is to create civil-war like conditions in several parts of the country and using the tension as a pretext for launching more serious attacks against the country.

The purpose of the multi-front war against the nation by the empire is to fully colonize the country and capture as much natural resources (arable land, water resources and so on) as possible before the entire edifice of the fraudulent monetary system crumbles down.

The good news is that less and less people pay attention to these kind of infantile attempts to disturb public peace as the majority of the population already know who the perpetrators are and what they want.

Even police are not investigating these primitive false flags -- usually, incidents like this are put on the back-burner until all the excitement about the case subside then, they release a short statement indicating that the case is closed due to lack of evidence.

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Anonymous said...

Revolution from Above by Kerry Bolton

Why is it that the ”Left” in its various guises — Communists, anti-fascists, feminists, advocates of multiculturalism and other enemies of traditional European civilization — have, as a rule, considerable resources at their disposal? Why are such people constantly awarded influential and prestigious posts in the media and in academia?
The answer is quite simple: the generic Left is the creature and protégé of the real power — “Big Money” — and the dissolution of the Western, Christian nations has been a primary goal for the cosmopolitan financial elite...last century’s destruction of traditional values and social institutions, especially the family, through politics, academia and the mass media...Wall Street’s role behind many revolutions, from the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917 ... “color revolutions”...former Soviet republics...Arab Spring...beginning of the end of Western civilization back several centuries, when merchants and bankers started replacing the land-owning aristocracy as the ruling class, bringing about the birth of usury, industrialization, urbanization and social misery...same forces created and nurtured socialism...Big Money...French Revolution...Russian Revolution of 1917...Communist takeover in Russia was heavily financed by Wall Street...financier of the Bolshevik Revolution...Jacob Schiff...Federal Reserve System...dictated by the international bankers ...“world revolution” as far-reaching and subversive as anything promulgated by Trotsky and the Bolsheviks...
CFR and...London-based Royal Institute of International Affairs...Paris on May 30, 1919, during the peace negotiations at Versailles...cornerstones of organized plutocracy’s global power structure ever since...Remarkably little has changed since Wilson led the United States into war under the hypocritical slogan of “making the world safe for democracy.”...Roosevelt...even friendlier relations with world Communism...same cosmopolitan moneymen...if it had not been for Stalin, the rapid development of the world government that is now coming into being would probably have already taken place...United Nations...subordinate to an external, internationalist power...Soviet Union was finally dismantled...age-old agenda: a global government that would make the world safe for financial exploitation...
Trotskyists...the ideologues, politicians and financiers of the Russian Revolution...the “Left,” to a very large extent, is the creation of Big Money...the international financial elite, most notably the Rockefellers...the Wallenbergs of Sweden...Big Money’s internationalist network. David Rockefeller...the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg revolution that had its origins at the time of the Russian Revolution persisted in the Western world throughout the postwar era, even if not by violent means, and was backed by the same forces that had financed the Revolution of 1917. Since the Second World War, the revolutionary strategy pursued in the West has focused on seeding culturally destructive ideas and promoting anti-social behavior in order to break down the cultural, intellectual and moral fabric of society. This is always done in the name of — what else? — “liberation.”...agenda of the gradual destruction of the White, Christian West was first expressed clearly and coherently by the Frankfurt School, in the form of “critical theory.” ...destructive criticism of morals, tradition, faith, family, and nation — in short: all the cornerstones of Western civilization....political correctness, the intellectual disease which has infected the contemporary mentality in general and academia in particular...neo-Marxist school...Communists... “revolutionary potential”...Frankfurt School...1960s...abortion, homosexuality, feminism, psychedelic music, and degenerate art...feminist icon Gloria Steinem...“subversives”

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