Gábor Vona: I have had enough of this

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everyone heard of Ferenc Szaniszló's award winning scandal writes Jobbik President Gábor Vona on his Facebook page. Four days ago Vona threw his support behind the beleaguered journalist, but the scandal doesn't seem to subside. As a result, Vona wrote an open letter to Israeli ambassador to Hungary Ilan Mor.

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

A few months ago I wrote you a letter in which I asked you to advise us, Hungarians, on the dual citizenship issue. Let's see how the "bastion of democracy", Israel, handles the dual citizenship challenge because we Hungarians not only can't deal with it, but even forbidden to talk about it. Of course, you did not answer, which didn't surprise me. If you would have answered my question you had been caught of misrepresenting the facts as you have protested against something, which is a common practice in your country. (Notes: Here, Vona referring to the dual citizenship scandal took place a few months ago. Jobbik deputy Márton Gyöngyösi suggested that the names of parliamentarians having dual citizenship should be made public. As result, the mainstream media started a hysterical campaign against Gyöngyösi calling him an anti-Semite. Several “influential figures” condemned the suggestion as well.) Recently, a number of Israeli deputies lost their mandate because they have dual nationalities. So much for the double standard.

But this time, I'm not writing about the dual citizenship issue, but about the outrageous statement you have made today. You condemned Ferenc Szaniszló, the journalist who is one of the few media workers that has the courage to tackle taboo subjects. It is another matter that you don't like what he says. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion. The same applies to Ferenc Szaniszló too. If he has said or done something unlawful make a complaint, no one can prevent you from doing that. But you, as a diplomat, have overstepped a certain limit when you tried to instruct the Hungarian government what to do in the case. You are also entitled to have an opinion, but how do you dare to give instructions to a Hungarian government agency? It is none of your business who gets what in Hungary.

I know that you shrug this letter off after all, you're the representative of a country that is backed by the most powerful lobby in the world -- weapons, money, media, and all power are on your side. I'm just a Hungarian and according to your view even an anti-Semite so there is no need to deal with me. But, you are wrong. I am not an anti-Semite, I honor each nation, and respect each people including the Jewish people. I met Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck in person. He impressed me with his pious religiosity and courageous search for truth.

On the other hand, I find repulsive every people or nation that is aspiring for world domination, which is a Jewish ambition. I see in your arrogant behavior this domineering tendency. Because no one in the Hungarian political establishment dare to say anything like this to you, it is good that besides the lousy opinions of bootlicking politicians you hear other views as well. In fact, what I am writing about is the opinion of many Hungarians as well. We are tired of listening lectures and taking instructions from foreign countries! Especially, from a country that denies its citizens' fundamental rights, scorns international institutions, and carries out genocidal policies before national elections in order to win more votes!

Finally, I also would like to tell you that not everybody is afraid of you in my country. I'm not afraid. Maybe someday, I will be assassinated, but whatever happens to me, I will never give in to fear in my own country. Remember it well! I will never be Israel's lapdog, like the representatives of the other parliamentary parties. Do you understand? Never! I can't be corrupted or subjected to intimidation. Lots of people in this country think like this. And the numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. If Jobbik wins the national election Márton Gyöngyösi will be appointed as the next foreign minister of the country, and journalist Ferenc Szaniszló will be the chief media authority. And you, sir, will be sent home politely. The sooner the better!

Jobbik chairman
Gabor Vona
March 18, 2013

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Anonymous said...

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Géza said...

great letter which the government had to sdend to this man!!!!!

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