Globalist trained and run demonstrators (“Hallgatói Hálózat”) occupied Fidesz headquarters

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A few dozen globalist trained activists representing “Hallgatói Hálózat” (a globalist run university student network) occupied Fidesz's Lendvay street headquarters Thursday morning as part of an anti-government campaign designed by foreign agents to undermine Fidesz popularity among the electorate and create a globalist coalition that could replace the current government in the upcoming national election.

Demonstrators climbed over the main gate and displayed protest signs at the entrance of the building replicating the main slogans that the corporate media use when attacking the government. Some of the slogans include: "The Constitution is not a game", "we want fair campaign and freedom of choice", "being homeless is not a crime", "we want independent judiciary, free churches and open universities".

Police are on the scene, but they seem very timid when it comes to dealing with demonstrators (imagine what would happen if the demonstrators would be patriotic youth); police probably got the order to handle the difficult situation with great tact and care because there are powerful forces behind the few dozen useful idiots.

Apparently, there was some scuffle between police and demonstrators in the courtyard because one individual wanted to go into the building, the demonstrator was taken away by police.

In the meantime, Fidesz accusing prime minister wannabe Gordon Bajani of being behind the demonstration. They called on Bajnai to come forward and admit of being behind the student action.

Apparently, some demonstrators were spotted as they received instructions from “Egyutt 2014” email address specifying what to do next. “Egyutt 2014” – led by American puppet Gordon Bajnai – is aiming to be at the forefront of the globalist coalition dreaming to replace the Fidesz government at the 2014 national election.

According to, the demonstration swelled to several hundreds as more Fidesz supporters arriving to the demonstration site. According to reports, counter-demonstrators now outnumbering George Soros' grandchildren that climbed to the building's balcony and reading from Fidesz election campaign promises over loudspeakers.

Counter-demonstrators (Fidesz supporters) displayed a big banner over the gate with pictures of prominent socialist politicians calling them traitors. Police separate the two groups to prevent scuffles from developing.

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Anonymous said...

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The creation of a transatlantic market is only part of a larger project, including the creation of a real government with a supra-institutional transatlantic economic council, a transatlantic policy council and transatlantic parliamentary assembly. These three bodies have been created in embryo without any publicity...

Their architecture harkens back to a very old project of creating a vast capitalist bloc uniting all States under Anglo-American influence. We can find traces of this in the secret clauses of the Marshall Plan and especially in the North Atlantic Treaty (Article 2). That is why no differentiation is made between the transatlantic union and the NATO economy...

... repeal tariffs and non-tariff barriers, that is to say local standards that render certain imports impossible. Washington wants to quietly sell its GMOs in Europe, its chickens treated with chlorine, and its hormone-laced beef. It wants to mine data from Facebook and Google etc. without being hampered by privacy protections...

The United States and the United Kingdom are maritime powers who have a historical interest in transatlantic trade. It was even their goal expressed in the Atlantic Charter during the Second World War. In contrast, continental Europeans have common interests with Russia, especially in energy. By continuing to obey Washington as during the Cold War, Brussels does a disservice to Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Aloof at all dumb as a box of rocks Jobbos.

Fidesz keeps handing you morons issues you should be able hammer for political gain and you come off as full supporters of them.
Where and what is Jobbik's position on the constitutional amendments? A constitution changed 5 times in one year and number 6 on the burner?
You keep aimlessly spouting your hate and racism and where has it got you, #2 insignificant party in Hungary? You have no viable plan for Hungary going forward and are actually worse finger pointers than Fidesz is if that were possible. Grab a mirror and take a good long look at who is part of the problem in Hungary.

Anonymous said...

I wonder WHO these "protesters" were. Hungarians - as a rule - do NOT use that horizontal line in the middle of their capital Z's.
"The devil is in the details"... (and the fakers (fukers) can NEVER ever - thankfully - get it right).
So these shits were some kind of foreign vermin.

The ethnic relatives of Soros - by definition - cannot be "traitors to the homeland" (hazaarulok), as Hungary is NOT their homeland. Magyarorszag = magyarok orszaga. (Country/Land of Hungarians). Jews residing(!) in HU are Jews - by SELF-DEFINITION and identification - and NOT Hungarians (magyars).
So it's simple; and THEY are the ones making the clear, defined distinction about themselves vs. magyars.
However, they have their OWN country, created just for THEM; that shitty little one on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Anonymous said...

They probably are Austrian or Germans. The writing style gives them away, or at least the signs were created in some German nation.

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