Gypsy crime reached the shores of Japan

Monday, March 4, 2013

Japanese police arrested a 17 year old Romanian gypsy and accused of fatally stabbing a 22 year-old Japanese girl on February 22, 2013.

The murder robbery took place in Tokyo's Kichijoji district on February 22 at 1:30 am; two young men approached a 22 year-old girl from behind with a knife, they stubbed the unsuspecting girl and took her handbag. Japanese police arrested a 17 year-old Romanian gypsy a few hours later after a short chase, but his Japanese partner is still at large.

Police have found the victim's handbag 200 meters from the crime scene; both her wallet and her credit card were missing.

It turned out that the perpetrator was already wanted for other crimes.

At the night of the murder, the two criminals played in a casino but lost money. They decided to commit a crime to get money to be able to continue gambling. They bought gloves and a knife and randomly selected the unsuspecting young girl as she was walking home from work.

The 22 year-old victim moved to Tokyo from Aomori county studying to become a beautician. She worked part time as a shop assistant to earn her tuition fee as her family was not very well off. She was walking home from the late night shift when she was assaulted by the two criminals. The young girl was taken to the hospital with critical wounds but her life couldn't be saved.

The young Romanian criminal accused his Japanese partner with the crime (a well known pattern, gypsies even when they are caught red handed committing a crime always accuse someone else for the offense). Later, he changed his testimony admitting that both of them involved in the stubbing.

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Géza said...

I thought Japan had one of the most difficult immigration laws in the world, but not anymore, bought into the liberal lie of globalization and that immigrants are a enrichment.

Well everywhere where they opened up to immigrants and the homogeneous population was destroyed, crimerates went up and also the unity of society went down. All our countries will pay this price and we have to stop this internationally.

So even Japan is opening its borders to all golddiggers and (gypsie)criminals and pay the price for it like this young woman.

Japan was famous for its low crimerate and their clear statement that they want to keep Japan homogeneous (japanese). What a shame!

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