Hungarian-haters can never have enough, one of their local agents now goes after Professor Kornél Bakay and rocker János Petrás

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog succumbed to international pressure and asked journalist Ferenc Szaniszló to return the prize he has given to him mistakenly.

But bowing to the demands of Hungarian-haters just increases the appetite of the enemies of the nation that feel orgasmic pleasure each time the country is humiliated and the government is forced to retreat.

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's right hand man Csaba Molnar now asking the minster of human resources to take back the Golden Cross award from Professor Kornél Bakay and the Hungarian Cross of Merit award from singer-songwriter János Petrás.

The minister of human resources succumbed to international pressure, and as a result, he wrote a letter to the “extremist” journalist asking him to return his award. But the letter can be considered credible only if he also reclaims the awards from singer-songwriter János Petrás and Professor Kornél Bakay writes self-proclaimed pervert Csaba Molnar.

The former is an openly revisionist, homophobic, right-wing singer-songwriter, and the latter is an enthusiastic supporter of the Szálasi cult.

Zoltán Balog needs to know exactly who these people are. The Democratic Coalition – the party led by a globalist asset, former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany who while in power committed high treason and crime against humanity by ordering police to shoot peaceful protesters -- sincerely hopes that Ferenc Szaniszló case is not just a single gesture, but the minister is sincere about his promise and also send a letter to the mentioned recipients writes one of the most vile characters of the Hungarian political establishment Csaba Molnar.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting interview discussing fifth column subversive processes undermining society.

Mark Dankof’s guest is Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars, who will discuss his experience at the Tehran-based Hollywoodism Conference in the show’s first hour. Mark Dankof will cover news stories and snippets from recent issues of Culture Wars in hour number two.

False Flags, Fake Media Reporting, Deceiving the Public: Social Engineering and the 21st Century “Truth Emergency”

The truth emergency continues today, and social engineers like Bernays long understood the significance of undermining the use of reason, for it is only through reason that truth may be determined and evaluated. To be sure, individuals and institutions that have successfully achieved legitimacy in the public mind are recognized as having a monopoly on the capacity to reason and are thus perceived as the foremost bearers of truth and knowledge. Through the endorsement of “experts”—figures perceived as authoritative in their field—the public could easily be persuaded on anything from tobacco use and water fluoridation to military intervention abroad.

Today reason is defined one dimensionally; its relationship to truth largely taken-for-granted...modern individual in the mass has been rendered at least partially soulless through her everyday deferral to the powerfully persuasive notion and representation of expertise. However narrowly focused, under the guise of objectivity the institutionally-affiliated journalist, academic, bureaucrat, and corporate spokesperson have become the portals of reason through which the public is summoned to observe “truth.”

...And with a century of commercial media programming the mass mind has come to not only accept but anticipate such regulation and control under the regime of institutionally-sanctioned expertise.

The selection and arrangement of experts by corporate media guarantees a continued monopoly on “truth,” particularly when presented to an uninquisitive and politically dormant public. Yet this phenomenon extends to ostensibly more trustworthy media outlets such as public broadcasting, where a heightened utilization of credentialed expertise is required to ensure the consensus of those who perceive themselves as more refined than the Average Joe.

This preservation of what passes for reason and truth cannot be sustained without a frequent dialectical struggle with unreason and falsity. Since many individuals have unconsciously placed their genuine reasoning faculties in abeyance and often lack a valid knowledge of politics and history, their unspoken faith in government and the broader political economy to protect and further their interests is groundless. Against this milieu those genuinely capable of utilizing their reasoning capacities in the pursuit of truth are often held up as heretical for their failure to accept what is presented as reality, with the requisite “conspiracy theory” label wielded in Orwellian fashion to denote such abnormal intellectual activity.

Lacking the autonomous use of reason to recognize truth, form often trumps substance. For example, a seemingly obscure news website with unconventional graphics or an emotional news presenter purporting to discuss the day’s affairs is typically perceived as untrustworthy and illegitimate by a public conditioned to accept forms of news and information where objectivity and professionalism often camouflage disinformation.

...era of seemingly never-ending pseudo-events and Potemkin villages presented by major media as the reality with which we must contend, the application of independent reason in pursuit of truth has all too frequently been replaced with an unthinking obeisance toward the smokescreen of expertise disguising corporate power and control.

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