Hungarian people pay less attention to criticism from the European Union – a bad news for the globalists

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fidesz landslide by-election victory the last weekend confirms experts' findings regarding the changing behavior of the Hungarian electorate -- the Hungarian people ignoring globalists hate-campaigns and the threats from abroad. The former communists suffered devastating defeat in four by-elections the last weekend; in Szentendre and Dunakeszi – both electoral districts were socialist strongholds in the past twenty years – the globalist parties were clearly humiliated; in Dunakeszi even Jobbik finished ahead of the socialist party.

According to senior analyst of “Századvég” Tamás Lánczi, the Hungarian people pay less and less attention to criticism from the European Union and abroad. (Recently, the European Union in concert with other globalist organizations launched new rounds of attacks on the country by using the amendment of the constitution as a pretext. Due to these attacks and other factors like the use of double standard by EU officials the supranational organization is fast losing credibility among the general public).

The European Union mirage started fading in Hungary the past decade and recent attacks by globalist interest groups just accelerated this process.

Hungary's decade-long membership in the European Union is a bitter pill to swallow. EU membership impoverished the overwhelming majority of the population, a fact that no mass-media lies can cover up. The EU has been running gypsy crime through local proxies (NGOs) stigmatizing everyone that dares to speak up against the phenomenon that ravaged local communities across the country. All these and many other developments opening the eyes of the majority of the people making them realize what the EU is all about. The European Union is not the bastion of freedom and democracy, but a front for the global banking cartel hiding behind a worldwide network of financial institutions and multinational corporations.

The majority of the Hungarian people now ignoring the opinion of foreign critics said Lánczi. The relentless attacks on the country by foreign power brokers can't produce the same result as they were capable of even a few years ago. Hate-campaigns are backfiring; fear-mongering awakens rather than intimidates the population. The by-election results unequivocally show that intimidation has no impact on the majority of the population anymore.



Anonymous said...

George Soros and his open society

Ken O'Keefe in Tehran - "Iran is not the threat, we are." - American Patriots Rise

Anonymous said...

Interview with Leonid Savin of the nternational Eurasian Movement

The main idea and goal of the International Eurasian Movement is to establish a multipolar world order, where there will be no dictatorship of the U.S. anymore or of any other country or actor of world politics. In the sector of ideology we strongly reject (neo)liberalism and the globalization process as its derivative. We agree that we (as well as other nations) need a constructive platform for our alternative future. In the search of it, our work is directed to dialogue with other cultures and peoples who understand the meaning and necessity of conservative values in contemporary societies.

To complete Lenin's World Revolution

Anonymous said...

Treaties of Saint-Germain and Trianon How they reshaped Central and Southeastern Europe - The Heretics' Hour

Two treaties from WWI that are overshadowed by the Treaty of Versailles, which the Germans of 1920 were forced to sign, were the Treaty of Saint-Germain between the Allied Powers and Austria, and the Treaty of Trianon between the Allies and Hungary.

Some highlights:

How the World War got started – it wasn’t German militarism;

Monarchies were overturned in favor of Democratic Republics;

Austrians were denied the right to name their smaller “rump” country German-Austria;

Hungary’s new borders gave them 72% less territory and 64% less population than pre-war;

Two new countries were created: Czechoslovakia and the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes;

The Allies (France, Britain, U.S.), in spite of their stated policy of self-determination for all people, hypocritically rejected the idea of plebiscites;

Widespread unemployment and loss of exchange of goods in the entire region was the result of the harsh treaty provisions.

Map shows Austria and Hungary in their current size surrounded by all the territory that was taken from them and given to others post-WWI.

Géza said...

don't forget the danger of third world immigration into Hungary in the last decade and especially in the last period, because of EU immigration polici!!

This is what those internationalists use to destroy the homogenious hungarian population like they are doing in the Western countries for decades now.

Look what happened there! If we don't stop them Budapest and our other cities will look like London, Brussels, Amsterdam ect in 10 years time, like cities from a third world country!

Never forget those people take their culture with them, because their culture was made by their ethnic group.

The powerstruggle will begin when they (the immigrant groups) get large enough. They will demand more and more.

Mass third world immigration into Europe is one of the huge dangers of modern times!

Anonymous said...

Impoverished??? Per head of population, Hungary receives more aid than any other country.

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