Isreali Ambassador to Hungary calls upon the Hungarian government to take back Ferenc Szaniszló's “Táncsics” Prize

Monday, March 18, 2013

According to Israeli Ambassador to Hungary Ilan Mor, Ferenc Szaniszló disseminates "openly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories".

In his Facebook entry the Israeli ambassador urges the Hungarian government to take back Ferenc Szaniszló's “Táncsics” Prize as soon as possible because the recognition was given to the "wrong person".

The ambassador writes: While Hungary and Israel cooperate in the fight against anti-Semitism, such medals may negatively impact bilateral relations and lead to the wrong direction.

The ambassador warned: this honor was given to a journalist who openly disseminates anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding Israel; he advocates that "Jews should be removed from Israel and believes that Israel is a terrorist state."

According to the Israeli ambassador, Szaniszló sees Israel as "the source of all evil in this world," and openly doubts Israel's right to exists. He uses the same terminology as the extremist terrorist organization, Hamas and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad use -- both want to see the destruction of Israel said the ambassador.

Ferenc Szaniszló's thoughts have no place in a free and democratic society, such as Hungary. The ambassador recalled that in the past the “Médiaszolgáltatás-támogató és Vagyonkezelő Alap” (Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund) fined Echo TV for Szaniszló's remarks on Jews and gypsies. Szaniszló's claims are classic examples of the new form of anti-Semitism in Europe and Hungary said he ambassador.

Earlier Jobbik deputy Sándor Pörzse called the Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog a spineless jelly fish, the biggest Pharisee in the Fidesz party(...) because he "verbally retracted" Szaniszló's journalist award.



Anonymous said...

Should Hungary really allow these Jewish supremacist to hold their rally?

Especially, considering it is racist Jews who are the ones most agitating a negative perception of Hungary, people like Paul Krugman and racist Jewish groups in America compelling the congress to hold hearings on Hungary. It is also Jewish racist who don't like freedom of speech, who want to ban historical examination and ban journalist they don't like from receiving awards. It is also Jewish supremacist who wanted to ban an elected member of Hungarian parliament from the council of Europe.

How can Hungary tolerate these wolf in sheeps clothing when they hate Hungarian and traditional European values and people?

It is insane, more insane is all their stupid defenders who paint them as down trodden when their better of financially then any other people in Hungary, when they have their own Jewish state to move to, but want to deny European nations from enforcing their own cultures.

Unknown said...

Clearly the ambassador is insultingly out of order, threatening with repercussions in bilateral relations, the government must remind him he is a guest in Hungary and should be more cautious.
On the other hand, calling for the destruction of Israel or lining up after Iran is really crazy

Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional Holocaust denier law in Spain

"No pasaran!"

You will not pass!

The co-editor of the journal "Halt" Jose Carlos Vidales wrote to the Spanish Minister of Justice Mr. Gallardón:

"You will not get away with the imposition of an unconstitutional "Holocaust denier" law in Spain."

Good morning Mr. Gallardón!

Although you know that last year in 2012 the Marxist German lawyer Horst Mahler (77) was sentenced to 12 ½ years for the crime of expressing an opinion, that is denying the Holocaust you also intend to impose a similar restrictive, inhuman law in Spain. You want to implement this law against a judgment of the Constitutional Court, which ruled in 2007 that it is no longer permissible to criminalize opinions held on political and historical events.

In this context I ask you:

How far will the attack on freedom of expression be allowed to go in Spain?

Will it still be possible in the future to name the leaders of global capitalism?

Will we in future be able to talk about the criminal nature of interest and usury, and the burden it imposes on Europe and the Third World?

Do you want a future ban on naming the responsible authorities, who have stolen from Spain and all the nations of Europe the right to create their own currencies?

We know that the fifth column of international capitalism has infiltrated both the political parties of left and right, but I say that with the demise of counterfeit currency, the euro and the dollar will fall. And in addition, the worship of the Golden Calf, if I may use the expression.

I say quite unwaveringly, convinced of faith in truth and justice,

You will not pass!

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