Jobbik demonstrates against gypsy crime in Konyár

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jobbik held a rally on March 2, 2013 in Konyár to call attention to the rising gypsy crime that makes life in the village unbearable. The chaotic conditions affect every aspect of life including the quality of education; teachers can't maintain order in classrooms as controlled government agencies forbid them to discipline unruly gypsy students coming from dysfunctional families.

Recently, a teacher has been fired for speaking up against the deteriorating conditions in the school caused by school officials unable to deal with out of control gypsy students.

About three hundred demonstrators attended the rally among them Jobbik deputy Tamás Sneider and Gergely Kulcsár as well as Érpatak Mayor Zoltán Mihály Orosz and the recently fired teacher Szilárd Vígh.

Police also showed up by overwhelming force harassing demonstrators coming to the rally.

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