Jobbik President Gábor Vona and the leaders of the party will root for the Hungarian football team at the Puskás stadium

Friday, March 22, 2013

Jobbik urges fans and supporters not to give in to provocations during the Hungary-Romania football World Cup qualifiers on March 23, 2013 at the Puskás stadium (It is almost 100% sure that the empire will plant agent provocateurs and spies among the crowd to incite fans and use the staged “incident” later as a pretext to open yet another front in the ongoing war against the country).

Vona called on fans and supporters not to bring party symbols to the event – let's root for the Hungarian team with Hungarian and Székely flags.

FIFA ordered the Hungarian national team to play the upcoming world cup qualifier against Romania in an empty stadium. The punishment was imposed on the Hungarian team because a group of Hungarian fans chanted anti-Israeli slogans during the Hungary vs Israel friendly match last summer.

Before the match begins the best and the brightest of (persecuted) Hungarian rock bands give a free concert – among them the “Kárpátia”, “Szebb Napok”, “Oi-Kor”, “Hungarica”, “Fejbőr”, “Romantikus Erőszak” and “Radical Hungary”.

Meanwhile, the fully controlled Hungarian Football Federation organizing a counter event to the “Ötvenhatosok tere” where a gypsy band will give a free concert. Attendance to the politically correct event requires pre-registeration.

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Anonymous said...

Ben Zygier and Israelis Abuse of Australian Passports

...the Zygier case also highlights the perils of allowing Australian Jews to have joint Australian-Israeli citizenship: in particular, it reveals how the Mossad deliberately recruit these dual nationals to use their Australian passports as cover for their operations – including for assassinations.
...the Ben Zygier case “illustrates the dangers of divided loyalties” and the dangers of allowing dual nationality...When it comes to the crunch, most Australians would expect Australian Jews to choose loyalty to Australia over Israel, or even hope that Australian agents in Mossad are our double agents. Undoubtedly, Israel would expect them to side with Israel. … There comes a point where a Jewish person cannot faithfully be both Australian and Israeli. One has to choose...“wanting to turn back the clock of globalization and multiculturalism,” ... and therein resides the age-old problem of the Jewish presence within non-Jewish nations. Jewish identification and loyalty supersede all others...because fundamentally the loyalty of Jews cannot be trusted.”

...Apparently it is not such an archaic notion in Israel, which retains a racially-restrictive immigration program which denies an Israeli identity to all potential migrants without Jewish ancestry.
...“turning back the clock of globalization and multiculturalism.” Of course, implicit in this specious argument is that “multiculturalism” is an apolitical default setting for social policy in Australia, rather than what it actually is: a radical political ideology which is a direct outgrowth of Jewish ethnic activism. Given their track record in reengineering Australian society in their own group interests, allowing dual nationality for Australian Jews was always likely to lead to the kind of behavior exposed in the Zygier case.

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