Nigel Farage Message To Europeans: “Do Not Invest In The Euro-Zone, Get Your Money Out While You Can”

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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EU Superstate in Decay I Freedom of Press Must Be Removed to conceal it

EU Superstate in Decay II. Pessimism, Commission Losing Power, Strong New Anti-EU Parties in Germany and Italy

EU Superstate in Decay III: The Big Bank Robbery in Cyprus

Rockefeller Brothers Fund: We are Bribing and Manipulating into World Governance through “Climate Change”

The True Value Of Money - about the True Value Of Money, and it's history . Monetary Vs. credit, money system and much more, by Lindon Larouche in person....

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European Commission Announces “Full Engagement” In Agenda 21

On February 27, the European Commission published a document announcing it will take on itself the “lead role” in global environmental governance through “a unified policy framework”- in effect aligning itself with Agenda 21.

In the 30-page document titled A Decent Life For All [PDF] the EC says it aspires to a “leading role” in an “overarching framework” towards global governance. The commiszars profess to care about worldwide poverty, environmental degradation and other no-brainers, carefully handpicked by an elite-class prepared to use any and every pretext behind which power is being centralized at the international level at the expense of sovereignty at the national one.

“The world has undergone enormous change over recent years”, the document reads, “including major shifts in the global economic and political balance, increased global trade, climate change and depletion of natural resources, technological change, economic and financial crises, increased consumption and price volatility of food and energy consumption, population changes and migration, violence and armed conflict and natural and man-made disasters, and increased inequalities.”

Quite some parade of calamities the EU is willing to tackle. A lead role is what they work towards, the authors state- and the EC Commiszars are perfectly willing to “debate” their plans with the European (only in name) parliament. A few exceptions aside, this parliament consists of nodding, dozing- sometimes outright sleeping individuals who are there to approve the commission’s proposals and send their lunch-bills to the European taxpayer:

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Good interview discussing the modern banking scam

Robert Stark interviews interest-free currency activist Anthony Migchels. His website is

Topics discussed include:
The essence of capitalism
Satanism as Ayn Rand’s Objectivism plus rituals
How the wealth of monopolies is based on a lie
The Catholic arm of usury and libertarianism
The intellectual framework of the great hoax known as libertarianism
The basic ideas of Keynesian economics
The “End the Fed” movement as false front
Public Banking as not interest free
The Yaka Bank of Sweden; its four principles
Usury as prohibitive of long term investment
The affiliation of anti-usury movements with anti-Semitism

The philosophy and deceit that underpins the Marxist-Leninist move to EU and Global Collectivism

...But what is this “method of dialectical cognition” that Gorbachev refers to?

In its original form it is above all a Hegelian dialectic, but one applied by Marx and Lenin in social, economic and material terms. In this, it yet displays Hegelian features, as a process that mirrors the progressive stages of the history of human civilisations.

A brief example of the process of this dialectic development and its tripartite features may be given using the following example:

1. First, there arises a thesis. For example, the perception of an institutionalised East-West confrontation, with the growing threat of nuclear annihilation and the building of a nuclear arsenal. This displays an indifference towards the environment.

2. From this thesis is then contrived or arises an antithesis. A sudden end to the perception of East-West confrontation; the destruction of ‘the idea’ of the enemy, with the apparent unspoken, reversible and thus false renunciation of the threat of a tyranny. This results in the dismantling of the nuclear arsenal and a new global emphasis on protecting the environment.

3. The process then seeks to conclude in a synthesis. The construction of a New World Collective Social Order, predominantly along the lines specified by Mikhail Gorbachev in his Fulton, Missouri, speech on 6th May 1992 and in his Oslo Nobel Peace Prize in June 1992.

Here then is given but one example of the three phases that signify the on- going historical progression to a Socialist New World Order. It has as its basis a German (Hegelian, Marxist) philosophical basis. Further, in order to implement the process, it contains a deceit; for the antithesis is not spontaneous, but rather contrived, in order to bring about the desired end result of its stated aim, as a synthesis. It supposes furthermore, the acceptance of a change or modification to one or other of the conflicting elements (the thesis and antithesis) in order to be fully resolved into a stable synthesis...

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Stalins Fight Against International Communism by Kerry Bolton

The notion that Stalin ‘fought communism’ at a glance seems bizarre. However, the contention is neither unique nor new. Early last century the seminal German conservative philosopher-historian Oswald Spengler stated that Communism in Russia would metamorphose into something distinctly Russian which would be quite different from the alien Marxist dogma that had been imposed upon it from outside. Spengler saw Russia as both a danger to Western Civilisation as the leader of a ‘coloured world-revolution’, and conversely as a potential ally of a revived Germany against the plutocracies. Spengler stated of Russia’s potential rejection of Marxism as an alien imposition from the decaying West that,

Race, language, popular customs, religion, in their present form… all or any of them can and will be fundamentally transformed. What we see today then is simply the new kind of life which a vast land has conceived and will presently bring forth. It is not definable in words, nor is its bearer aware of it. Those who attempt to define, establish, lay down a program, are confusing life with a phrase, as does the ruling Bolshevism, which is not sufficiently conscious of its own West-European, Rationalistic and cosmopolitan origin...

In the aftermath of World War II many German war veterans, despite the devastating conflagration between Germany and the USSR, and the rampage of the Red Army across Germany with Allied contrivance, were vociferous opponents of any German alliance with the USA against the USSR. Major General Otto E Remer and the Socialist Reich Party were in the forefront of advocating a ‘neutralist’ line for Germany during the ‘Cold War’, while one of their political advisers, the American Spenglerian philosopher Francis Parker Yockey, saw Russian occupation as less culturally debilitating than the ‘spiritual syphilis’ of Hollywood and New York, and recommended the collaboration of European rightists and neo-Fascists with the USSR against the USA.[7] Others of the American Right, such as the Yockeyan and Spenglerian influenced newspaper Common Sense, saw the USSR from the time of Stalin as the primary power in confronting Marxism, and they regarded New York as the real ‘capitol’ of Marxism...

What might be regarded by many as an ‘eccentric’ element from the Right were not alone in seeing that the USSR had undergone a revolutionary transformation. Many of the Left regarded Stalin’s Russia as a travesty of Marxism. The most well-known and vehement was of course Leon Trotsky who condemned Stalin for having ‘betrayed the revolution’ and for reversing doctrinaire Marxism. On the other hand, the USA for decades supported Marxists, and especially Trotskyites, in trying to subvert the USSR during the Cold War. The USA, as the columnists at Common Sense continually insisted, was promoting Marxism, while Stalin was fighting it. This dichotomy between Russian National Bolshevism and US sponsored international Marxism was to having lasting consequences for the post-war world up to the present...

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