One of the most popular Hungarian journalists Ferenc Szaniszló has been awarded with the prestigious “Táncsics” Award

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ferenc Szaniszló, one of the most original Hungarian journalists has been awarded the prestigious “Táncsics” Prize by the Minster of Human Resources Zoltán Balog.

Szaniszló is among the very few journalists working in the Hungarian mainstream media who is not being stifled by politically correct restrictions. The liberal establishment that has a stranglehold on public discourse in Hungary accuses Szaniszló of being a conspiracy theorists, as he ridicules the liberal fairy tale that tries to make people believe that appearances equal reality, a dumbing down message that the corporate media hammers twenty-four hours a day. Szaniszló knows all too well that in these tormented times appearances are designed to kill people's faith and drive them into despair in order to make them obedient slaves of global predators.

The weekly TV magazine “Világ-Panoráma” has become one of most watched TV programs in the country, but it is also very popular among Hungarians living abroad. In the half-hour TV magazine hosted by Echo TV, Szaniszló investigates a wide range of issues that have both global and local significance. He often interviews authors that the mendacious corporate media denounces as conspiracy theorists – János Drábik, László Bogár...

As soon as Szaniszló received the prestigious prize pathetic nobody hack-writers that dedicated their lives to the betrayal of the country started a smear campaign against him and against the minister that gave him the prize.

Due to the mounting pressure and the fear of being targeted by the hyenas of the globalist press minister Zoltán Balog retracted some of his earlier remarks made about Szaniszló; he corrected himself by saying that he was not aware of Szaniszló's alternative media activities.

Nonetheless, several globalist journalists returned their “Táncsics” Prize they received earlier to the minister as a protest against the award given to Szaniszló, which is a good thing as the dedicated traitors didn't deserve the prize at the first place.

“Világ-Panoráma” can be viewed each Friday on Echo TV.

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