Photo report: Police dispersing the crowd after Hungary vs Romania World Cup qualifier

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Due to an earlier incident (Ma)FIFA ruled that the Hungary vs Romania World Cup qualifier match should be played in an empty stadium. On March 23, 2013 football fans and supporters of the Hungarian team gathered outside the Puskas stadium to watch the game on outdoor screen. In the same time, the Hungarian Football Federation organized a counter event far from the stadium.

After the match, skirmishes developed between supporters of the Hungarian team and riot police; the mainstream media portrayed the event as an extremist gathering.

Eyewitnesses on the ground however, reported that in fact, it was police that provoked the incident. Riot police even assaulted the cameraman of the pro-government TV station, Hir TV. (What probably happened is that police staged the crackdown in order to appease the empire – that wages a multi-front war against the country – and to demonstrate their eagerness to deal with “extremists”).

Football fans put the Hungarian Football Federation to shame by ignoring the counter event. More than ten thousand fans and supporters attended the main event near the Puskas Stadium organized by football fans and Jobbik; while the Hungarian Football Federation organized counter event attracted only one or two thousand people. Yet, the controlled mainstream media – both left and right – mostly featured the pathetic counter event as the show of the day (probably to indicate to the puppet masters that everything is under control).

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