Satan and his minions made a laughing stock of themselves

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In a live stream video Ferenc Szaniszló announced that he returns the journalism prize that he has never asked for to those that gave it to him in order to save the country from further attacks by insidious power brokers and possibly to prevent the eruption of the third world war.

“I ask you, dear viewers, if Brussels and Washington are so concerned about freedom of speech in Hungary, why do they interfere with such a tiny affair like my journalism prize? What are they afraid of? Are they afraid of me, the TV reporter of a small television station with limited opportunities as the station is under constant attack by the controllers of the Hungarian cultural scene? I understand that some governments like the Israeli, the U.S. Government, the Government of Germany, France and others are opposing this award. But, why is this prize so important to them? It is incredible, but they have even threatened to take the case to the United Nations. Isn't it bizarre? No. It is tragicomical. Here, the destructive world power shows its true colors. This is a travesty. They've created a mountain out of a molehill and now the mountain crushing them, perhaps now, they even regret the whole thing, but there is no turning back. They made known to the whole world that somewhere in Hungary there is a tiny TV station that airs a program called “Világ-Panoráma” each week; it poses such a threat to world peace that the mobilization of the most powerful nations of the world was needed.”

“I'm truly surprised that my journalism prize didn't cause panic on the New York Stock Exchange or oil and gold prices didn't shoot through the roof because of that.(...)”

“My message to the U.S. ambassador: you can send a victorious report back to Washington -- The U.S., the world's dominant superpower defeated journalist Ferenc Szaniszló. You can take my prize as a spoils of war.(...)”

“My message to the Israeli ambassador: Israel triumphed over journalist Ferenc Szaniszló. Hurrah! If you want my prize take it from the U.S. ambassador. (...)”

“I've never asked for this prize, but due to the unprecedented pressure that countries such as the U.S., Germany, France and others put on Hungary...I decided that I return it to those that were unworthy to give it to me”

“We've lost a small battle, but in the end we will win the war.”

(Notes: Due to this scandal, the nationalist movement has become stronger, as the attacks on journalist Ferenc Szaniszló by vicious anti-human forces once again awakened a great number of people; these sorts of shocks are necessary to compensate for the media's dumbing down effect on the masses. The permanent war on the Hungarian nation and in fact, on the entire Christian world has been greatly intensified in recent months. The coming upheaval in the global sphere announces once again that before the dawn breaks -- because break it will -- humanity has to go through a dreadful night full of demons, fiends, satyrs and all sorts of monstrous creatures. In the midst of the pitch-black night let's remind ourselves once again: the night is always darkest before dawn – then, the sun will rise again.)

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Anonymous said...

Although he may have had a difficult time finding one,Ferenc Szaniszló should have returned the medal in a chamber pot.

Anonymous said...

I am delighted and also fascinated to read the "Notes". Especially the end of it ".. before the dawn breaks.....than the Sun will rise again." It is a clip from the ancient Egyptian religion. Ra has to go through the night with his consort Thoth against all obstacles and danger until he can rise again. As they say in English. RA is rising, SET is setting.

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