Simon Wiesenthal Center instructed the Hungarian government to investigate Jobbik "Iranian relations"

Friday, March 8, 2013

Simon Samuels, the Wiesenthal Centre's Director for International Relations, and Abraham Cooper, the vice president of the American Center have been touring Hungary since Monday. They met several Hungarian politicians and members of government including Minister of Justice Tibor Navracsics to discuss Jobbik alleged Iranian relations writes Népszabadság.

The two high-ranking leaders of the Simon Wiesenthal Center are demanding that the Hungarian and the European Parliament investigate Jobbik suspicious Iranian links.

"We call upon Martin Schultz, the President of the European Parliament to investigate Jobbik three EU representatives' Iranian relations said the leaders of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Simon Samuels and Abraham Cooper held a public lecture in Faith Park in Budapest Wednesday evening about the difficulties of finding and prosecuting Nazi war criminals...

(Népszabadság –


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Israel Lobby Is Actively Promoting War On Iran

AIPAC lobbied successfully to impose lawless sanctions on Iran. It wants Tehran’s government toppled.

It wants unchallenged Israeli regional dominance. It favors no-holds-barred belligerence to achieve it.

Expose AIPAC for what it is. It menaces freedom and peace. It embraces war. Its conferences glorify it.

US legislators are heavily pressured. AIPAC wants Washington’s diplomatic, military and economic support if Israel attack Iran preemptively.

AIPAC wants war. Doing so is lawless, madness and self-destructive.

EU Funded Israeli Theft

A leaked report commissioned by the European Union (EU) has concluded that Israeli settlement construction “remains the single biggest threat” to peace in the Middle East.

The confidential, 15-page report outlines 10 recommendations for the 27 EU states to consider regarding Israel’s wanton activities in occupied Palestine. It describes proposals by the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – to build more “Jewish-only” colonies – as “systematic, deliberate and provocative”. The document raises alarm about current construction efforts around East Jerusalem, new plans effectively bisecting the West Bank into two separate geographical entities and isolating the future capital of Palestine from the rest of the Palestinian population – “making it impossible” to achieve peace.

In addition to settlements, the report warns of systemic institutional racism “undermining the Palestinian presence” in East Jerusalem. It highlights two unequal systems of government: one for native Palestinians and another for Jews.

For example, city zoning changes and construction permits are issued frequently to accommodate structures dedicated for new Jews in the eastern part of the city.

Another system is imposed on taxpaying native Jerusalemites in “zoning and planning, demolitions and evacuations”.

The report highlights “discriminatory access to religious sites”, as well as an “inequitable education policy” and denial of the same “access to health care”.

The internal report calls on EU member states to voluntarily review direct or indirect assistance that might enable Israel to further colonise occupied areas, especially those which could contribute to “settlement activities, infrastructure and services” – including, but not limited to, financial transactions and foreign direct investment.
The EU can’t possibly be sincere in opposing Israeli colonies when it only taxes their theft. Israeli companies operating within the green line will likely take advantage of the EU’s “preferential tariffs” to subsidise the extra levy imposed on products originating from settlements. Israel’s Supreme Court ruled in January last year that Israeli companies were entitled to exploit the West Bank’s natural resources for economic gain.

The EU’s non-binding recommendations are hypocritical at best. While it continues to provide formal “preferential treatment” for other Israeli goods, informally it wants an informed public to decide on purchases violating international trade. The EU should instead use the report as justification for banning products and boycotting Israeli companies that invest in “Jewish only” colonies, while forbidding its licensed institutions from collaborating with organisations benefiting from Israeli settlement industry.

By leaving the EU market open for “taxed” settlement products, Europe is in effect subsidising “the single biggest threat” to peace in the Middle East.

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Lawrence Auster on the Role of J*** in Disestablishing White Christian America

Auster recently posted a chapter originally written in 1998 on the role of J*** in the multicultural transformation of the U.S. and the decline of White America (“J***: The Archetypal Multiculturalists”). He hits pretty much all the right notes. Auster often has a way of phrasing things and choosing quotations from prominent J*** that cut to the heart of the matter—almost like painting pictures that are worth a thousand words.

His dissection of Alan Dershowitz is classic—the supreme arrogance and hypocrisy of Dershowitz’s fanatic ethnocentrism that is entirely mainstream in the J**ish community. Dershowitz unabashedly gives J*** the right to alter America in the direction of multiculturalism to suit their interests, as well as to disregard the Constitution and the attitudes and interests of White America; Dershowitz simultaneously condemns the ethnocentrism and group feelings of non-J**ish Whites while supporting J**ish ethnocentrism, endogamy, and sense of group interests in America as well as the racialist, apartheid state of Israel. To say that J*** like Dershowitz have no respect for the traditional people and culture of America is a gross understatement; they see the world from a completely J**sh perspective in which the rights, culture, and traditions of non-J*** at best count for nothing. At worst, they are the appropriate target of hatred, scorn, and ultimately, one fears, far worse; indeed, Auster describes Dershowitz as “openly hostile to America’s historic civilization.”

Dershowitz is an example of extreme ethnocentrism where it is impossible to see the world except in terms of J***ish interests...

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

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