The EU like the Soviet Union, it can't be reformed

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Marine Le Pen - leader of the French Front National - wants a referendum on France's withdrawal from the European Union. The French politician has said the European Union is like the Soviet Union: it can't be reformed. The immigration of gypsies is out of control, and the problem will multiply as Romania and Bulgaria join the Schengen area in 2014.

"We ask everyone to vote for the withdrawal from the European Union, unless the EU introduces changes in four key areas: a return to national currencies, the elimination of the Schengen area, put economic patriotism ahead of international trade and enforce the primacy of national law over European Union law."

Le Pen has indicated that if PM Francois Hollande fails to secure these changes she will turn the European parliament elections in 2014 into a referendum; “we will win... because the European Union, like the Soviet Union: it can't be reformed" said the French politician.

Le Pen's view is that in January 2014, France will arrive at a "crossroads" due to the planned elimination of borders and the lifting of all forms of social protection within the European Union.

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Anonymous said...

The big boys are waking up. There is HOPE for the Hungarians too, to leave this abomination called EU.
I cold never figure this out: Why the hell to enter another exploitative dependency, when Hungary just managed to get out of another? Are you effing CRAZY?
Were the Turks good, the Austrians good, the Germans good, the Soviets good for HU? What possessed those retarded monkeybrain idiots, that joining the EU and loss of independence and sovereignty would be good for HU?
Nobody learned NOTHING in all of 478 years?
God save us...

Anonymous said...

Good analysis of the recent Italian election and political upset.

The Victory Hour once again in the catbird’s seat taking in the panorama of the seismic changes shaking captive Europe.

Max and European Bureau Chief Egeria analyze and interpret the smashing success of Beppe Grillo and the 5 Star Movement in Italy and what it portends for the Gentile World.

Anonymous said...

The ROTHSCHILD BANKING CARTEL cannot be reformed.

Beppe Grillo's Blog (Italian 5 Star Movement)

'LIBOR rates are the biggest bankster scam ever in history' by PressTVGlobal News

An analyst says, LIBOR rate rigging by a cartel of banks is the biggest bankster scam in history and it all came about because governments removed their regulation. In the background of this since 2011 regulators have focused on certain banks suspected of manipulating the LIBOR rate (London Interbank Offered Rate) across America and Europe. LIBOR index is the most important set of numbers in the global financial system. The interest rate rigging scandal arose when it was discovered that banks were falsely inflating or deflating their rates so as to profit from trades, or to give the impression that they were more creditworthy than they were. Barclays in 2012 became the first bank to be fined for LIBOR rate abuse. Criminal investigations are underway against many banks as the scope of the sham is widespread. It is believed the actions of these banks to act in their own self-interests due to no regulation of banks has assisted the historical transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest class. The Federal Reserve admitted that they knew about such manipulations and chose not to do anything about it back in 2007. Press TV has interviewed George Barda, Occupy Wall Street activist, London about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Comedian Grillo’s Populist Plan for Italy’s Economy

...Five Star Movement got 8.7 million votes in the Italian general election...biggest single annual “V‑Day Celebration,” the “V” standing for vaffanculo (“f—k off”)...seeks a referendum on all international treaties...“we would bring the old system down...the system is rotten.” ...break the Euro system...
unilateral default on the public debt;
nationalization of the banks; and
a guaranteed “citizenship” income of 1000 euros a month
Default on the public debt has been pulled off quite successfully in Iceland, Argentina, Ecuador, and Russia, among other countries... [Beppe Grillo blog - ]..
Bank Nationalization:
Grillo’s third proposal, a guaranteed basic income, is not just an off-the-wall, utopian idea either. A national dividend has been urged by the “Social Credit” school of monetary reform for nearly a century...guaranteed basic income is the key to keeping modern, highly productive economies humming...
In Europe, the proposal is being pursued not just by Grillo’s southern European party but by the sober Swiss of the north...a new federal law for an unconditional basic income was formally introduced in to all citizens a monthly income that is neither means-tested nor work-related. Under the Swiss referendum system of direct democracy,...but in Social Credit theory, it would simply be issued outright by the government...
The Bank of Italy a private join-stock company, ownership comprises 10 insurance companies, 10 foundations, and 10 banks, that are all joint-stock companies...They issue the money out of thin air and lend it to us. It’s the State who is supposed to issue it. We need money to work. The State should say: “There’s scarcity of money? I’ll issue some and put it into circulation. Money is plentiful? I’ll withdraw and burn some of it.” . . . Money is needed to keep prices stable and to let us work.

Major C.H. Douglas, the thought leader of the Social Credit movement, argued that the economy routinely produces more goods and services than consumers have the money to purchase, because workers collectively do not get paid enough to cover the cost of the things they make...Social Crediters call “the gap,” so that “demand” rises to meet “supply,” additional money needs to be gotten into the circulating money supply. Douglas recommended doing it with a national dividend for everyone, an entitlement by “grace” rather than “works,” something that was necessary just to raise purchasing power enough to cover the products on the market...the possibilities were demonstrated in New Zealand during the Great Depression, when a state housing project was funded with credit issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the nationalized central bank. According to New Zealand commentator Kerry Bolton, this one measure was sufficient to resolve 75% of unemployment in the midst of the Great Depression...When new money is used to create new goods and services, supply rises along with demand and prices remain stable; but the “demand” has to come first. No business owner will invest in more capacity or production without first seeing a demand. No demand, no new jobs and no economic expansion...
The money for a guaranteed basic income could be created by a nationalized central bank...Reserve Bank of New Zealand ... A dividend paid directly to consumers would be “quantitative easing” for the people...A basic income guarantee paid for with central bank credit would not be “welfare” but would eliminate the need for welfare...replacing social security payments, unemployment insurance, and welfare taxes...consumer debt that is choking the private is not the cost of government but the cost of money itself that has bankrupted Italy ...need to take back its monetary sovereignty and issue its own money...

Anonymous said...

Public Banking Advocate Ellen Brown discusses SOCIAL CREDIT Economics and public banking.

Progressive Radio News Hour – Ellen Brown – 03/03/13

Canadian Moral Philosopher John McMurtry discusses the Cancer stage of Capitalism and the meta-programme of undermining society.

Progressive Radio News Hour – John McMurtry – 03/10/13

Anonymous said...

EU Superstate in Decay I Freedom of Press Must Be Removed to conceal it

The EU is scared: It knows it does not deliver on its promises of prosperity and safety. It is becoming extremely unpopular – is even seeing protest riots widespread in Europe. So what to do? the same thing as any dictatorial superstate does: Constrain the freedom of the press:

The Telegraph 22 Jan. 2013: A “high level” EU panel, that includes Latvia’s former president and a former German justice minister, was ordered by Neelie Kroes, European Commission vice-president, last year to report on “media freedom and pluralism”. It has concluded that it is time to introduce new rules to rein in the press.
“All EU countries should have independent media councils,” the report concluded. “Media councils should have real enforcement powers, such as the imposition of fines, orders for printed or broadcast apologies, or removal of journalistic status.”

As well as setting up state regulators with draconian powers, the panel also recommended that the European Commission be placed in overall control in order to ensure that the new watchdogs do not breach EU laws. “The national media councils should follow a set of European-wide standards and be monitored by the Commission to ensure that they comply with European values,” the report said. The report criticizes the UK Prime Minister, Cameron, that he will not introduce the draconian rules of censorship wanted by the Jewish elitist, Lord Justice Levison.

Mrs Kroes last night hailed the report’s “concrete ideas for action” as providing “exactly what I was looking for”. The report’s recommendations have sparked anger in Britain,. Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, compared the proposals to “Orwell’s 1984”.

Anonymous said...

Power Monopoly Behind Europes Austerity Policies You Cannot Repair a Broken Vehicle by Changing the Driver

We are supposed to live in democracies where the elected politicians are supposed to govern according to the wishes of the people. What we see instead is that no matter who we vote into government the policies remain the same. How is this possible?
We are controlled
The answer is very simple and every person still capable of independent thought (after decades of brainwashing by the mainstream media) is able to see it. We are living in a society where we are trapped.
The trap is that we have to work in an ever spinning hamster wheel to make a living, to pay the bills, to put food on the table, to care for and pay for the education of our children. This leaves no time for getting together with others, no time to think for ourselves, no time for questioning. We are made to believe that it is our possessions and lifestyle which define us.
Power monopoly
The result is that we have incrementally surrendered our power to govern ourselves and our communities to career politicians who promise to do it for us and in our interest. We used to make decisions on a local scale, in the tribe first then in the village...
No more so. We cannot do it because of legislation, rules and international treaties made somewhere else.
Bit by bit the power was removed from us further and further away. From our local councils to the county councils, from the county councils to the national parliament, from there to the EU, from the EU to the UN.
The further away the power was removed the easier it got for vested interests to influence and manipulate the career politicians and the huge bureaucracies that emerged with these centralized institutions.
What are these vested interests? They are the big corporations with the big banks at the forefront, which through providing finance to these corporations also rule them. You will not find a boardroom of a big company without a representative of a big bank...The fact that the mainstream media are either controlled by the big corporations or the state does its bit to make us believe this is the only sane way to live. Many of us have become incapable of even imagining another world...
How do corporations and banks rule?...The result is the break-up of society...
The elite, those in high positions of power in the financial, corporate and political world, are not stupid. They know as well as we do that their system is broken. They frequently meet openly (like the G8, the G 20, the UN) and behind closed doors (like the Bilderberg meetings) to discuss how they can continue their dominance into the future...
It is the regulation of all human activities on a global scale by international rules (google Codex Alimentarius, Trans Pacific Partnership, Agenda 21) which are then policed on a national level by governments and on a local level by councils. Much of this is packaged nicely as “save the environment”, save this, save that. They very cleverly use the real and honest concern of people who see the degradation around them to further their agenda. Many fall for this...We are conscious beings. We can see what is going on around us. Many of us are becoming angry, this is a healthy thing as it may get us into action...
Many of them are what I would call “nationalist”. Nevertheless resisting the elite’s drive towards world government by emphasizing the importance of national sovereignty can be one step towards a devolution of power back to the community...
Media, corporatism and the current party system working hand in glove offer no alternatives. Political dogmas and established ideologies divide rather than unite...

Anonymous said...

The Fall of the House of Europe

...That’s what happens when the EU project was never about a political ”union” – but essentially about the euro as a common currency. No wonder the most important mechanism of European unification is the European Central Bank. Yet abandon all hope of European politicians asking their disgruntled citizens about a real European union. Does anybody still want it? And exactly under what format?

Philosopher Franco Berardi – who way back in the 1970s was part of the Italian autonomous movements – correctly evaluates that what Europe is living today is a direct consequence of the 1990s, when financial capital hijacked the European model and calcified it under neoliberalism.

Subsequently, a detailed case can be made that the financial Masters of the Universe used the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis to turbo-charge the political disintegration of the EU via a tsunami of salary cuts, job precariousness for the young, the flattening of pensions and hardcore privatization of everything. No wonder roughly 75% of Italians ended up saying ”No” to Monti and Merkel.

The bottom line is that Europeans – from Club Med countries to some northern economies – are fed up of having to pay the debt accumulated by the financial system.

Grillo’s movement per se – even capturing 8.7 million votes – is obviously not capable of governing Italy. Some of its (vague) ideas have enormous appeal among the younger generations especially an unilateral default on public debt (look at the examples of Argentina, Iceland and Russia), the nationalization of banks, and a certified, guaranteed ”citizenship” income for everyone of 1,000 euros a month. And then there would be referendum after referendum on free-trade agreements, membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and, of course, to stay or not stay within the eurozone.

What Grillo’s movement has already done is to show how ungovernable Europe is under the Monti-Merkel austerity mantra. Now the ball is in the European financial elite’s court. Most wouldn’t mind letting Italy become the new Greece.

So we go back full circle. The only way out would be a political reformulation of the EU. As it is, most of Europe is watching, impotently, the death of the welfare state, sacrificed in the altar of Recession. And that runs parallel to Europe slouching towards global irrelevance – Real Madrid and Bayern Munich notwithstanding.

The Fall of the House of Europe might turn into a horror story beyond anything imagined by Poe – displaying elements of (already visible) fascism, neo-Dickensian worker exploitation and a wide-ranging social, civil war. In this context, the slow reconstruction of a socially based Europe may become no more than a pipe dream....

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