The New Hungarian Guard picked a new leader

Monday, March 4, 2013

Up until now, the New Hungarian Guard has been managed by two leaders. 2012 was especially successful year for the Hungarian Guard as the organization carried out several successful operations including the commemoration service that paid tribute to the heroes of the Don breakthrough and the Cegléd public safety event in August.

At the anniversary of the foundation of the Hungarian Guard by using clandestine methods 150 new recruits successfully sworn in in Dunaföldvár.

Now, the time has come to pick a new leader and entrust the Hungarian Guard to a single leader. The vote took place on March 2, 2013. Sixteen counties and delegates from Felvidék represented themselves at the event. The founders of the Hungarian Guard Gábor Vona, Levente Murányi and Péter Schön also took part in the event by throwing their full support behind the newly elected chief of the Hungarian Guard who is none other than former Deputy Chief of the Organization, István Mészáros.

Delegates unanimously supported István Mészáros' leadership who said he would focus on raising of standards for members and put greater emphasis on discipline, qualifications, preparedness and responsiveness.

After the election, the new chief resigned as commander of the Gendarmerie force; the job was assigned to by Csaba Török.

The new chief picked Henrik Ferenczi as the deputy chief of the Hungarian Guard.

István Meszaros' past activities insure that the New Hungarian Guard picked the best man for the job says the statement issued by the leadership of the organization.

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