The World Federation of Hungarians has awarded journalist Ferenc Szaniszló with the Hungarian Nation Silver Medal

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ferenc Szaniszló, the editor of “Világ-Panoráma” has been awarded with the Hungarian Nation Silver Medal by the President of the World Federation of Hungarians.

A tree will be planted in honor of the recipient of the award in Ópusztaszer National Historical Memorial Park.

The Hungarian Nation Merit medal to be awarded by the President of the World Federation of Hungarians at the recommendation of the executives of the organization.

A commemorative certificate accompanies the award signed by the head of the organization Patrubány Miklós; it reads as follows: "For decades of outstanding investigative journalism and in recognition for the innovative work he has done for the Hungarian Nation, as well as in compensation for the distress caused by ministry officials...”. (Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog awarded Ferenc Szaniszló with the Táncsics prize, but a few days later he took it back by caving in to pressure from liberal-Bolshevik miscreants.)

The prize will be handed over to Szaniszló at the organization's delegates meeting the end of April.

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