Thirty thousand people demanded territorial autonomy for Székely Land in Marosvásárhely Romania

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thirty thousand people demanded territorial autonomy for Székely Land at the Székely Freedom Day demonstration in Marosvásárhely today.

The crowd gave a big welcome to Marc Gafarot Monjó, representative of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia Party by chanting Catalonia. The people of Catalonia stand in full solidarity with the people of Szekely Land said the Catalan politician.

In a message to the demonstrators, Governor of South Tyrol Luis Durnwalder recalled that both South Tyrolean Germans and Székely Hungarians became minorities after the First World War. In 1972 South Tyrolean Germans managed to develop a system of minority protection, which insures the economic development of the region.

Basque Nationalist Party president Andoni Ortuzar sent a letter in which he welcomed the struggle of Székely Hungarians for full territorial autonomy; the Basque people stand in solidarity with Székely Hungarians; the struggle of Székely Hungarians is an example of the determination of a national minority to withstand the impact of strong cultural assimilation and globalization wrote the Basque politician.

Hungarians and supporters of the Székely cause staged sympathy demonstration in several European and North American cities as well.

In Budapest two thousand people rallied at the Romanian Embassy with Székely flags demanding autonomy for Székely Hungarians in Romania.

The Budapest rally

Marosvásárhely rally

Vienna - about six hundred people attended the rally in support of Székely autonomy

The crowd marched to the Romanian Embassy and handed over a petition to a staff member of the consulate in which the Romanian and the Hungarian governments were urged to engage in a constructive dialogue about Székely Land's autonomy. Demonstrators met at the St. Stephen's Cathedral then, marched through Vienna's pedestrian district singing the Hungarian and the Székely national anthems. On their way to the embassy, demonstrators handed out leaflets to passers-by informing them about the Székely's struggle for autonomy.

Munich – two hundred fifty people took part in the Munich Székely autonomy rally

The Munich rally was organized by the “Hunnia Baráti Kör” (Hunnia Circle of Friends), a German-Hungarian civic organization. Demonstrators carried Székely flags and held up signs demanding self-determination for Székely Land said one of the organizers of the rally Hahn-Seidl Alida. Speakers read out the Székely National Council's petition, then, all participants signed it. At the end of the demonstration the petition was dropped in the Romanian Consulate General mailbox; meanwhile, demonstrators handed out leaflets to passers-by informing them about the Székely's struggle for autonomy said Hahn-Seidl Alida.

London - Police didn't let autonomy demonstrators close to the Romanian Embassy

Apparently, the street leading to the Romanian Embassy in London is a small private side street where demonstrations are not allowed. Instead, London police designated an enclosed narrow pedestrian area for the event. About 120 people took part in the London rally many of them carrying Hungarian, Árpád striped and Székely flags. Demonstrators held up a sign saying "Székely Land is not Romania”. Attendees sang the Hungarian and the Székely national anthems, then chanted “Down with Trianon”. Speakers read out a statement declaring that Székely Land's autonomy would not jeopardize Romania's territorial integrity and sovereignty. The statement also demanded to designate Székely Land as an independent development region to be able to use EU resources more efficiently.

New York City


Atlanta Hungarians celebrated the Székely Freedom Day on March 10, 2013

The Atlanta Hungarian Meetup Group supports the idea of designating Székely Land as an administrative development region. Atlanta Hungarians believe that all minorities, regardless their numbers deserve respect and equal opportunities in education, at work and in particular support for maintaining their traditions.

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