Vanda Kovács (22) proved once again that Hungarians are a nation of horsemen

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The fragile 22 year-old girl successfully completed the 160 km endurance race in Abu Dhabi.

Among the 132 contestants only fifty managed to reach the finishing line, and only eight of them were European.

The life of the 22 year-old university student revolves around horses: She is the student of a Western Hungarian University studying “equestrian program organization” (lovasrekreáció).

Abu Dhabi is a very hot country said Vanda. The average temperature is 26 to 28 degrees during the day. In some places the soil was very soft, other places hard. If I hadn't felt that my horse was in top shape, I would have refused to take part in the competition as the horse is my primarily companion, and not a sport equipment said Vanda, who has been invited to the horseback endurance race because she is one of the top Hungarian endurance competitors.

The competition taught me how to endure, respect nature and the horse said the girl, who besides being a top horseback rider also would like to work as a model.

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Anything I could possibly say would use the words "mounting" or "riding" and would be inappropriate or disrespectful to this fine athlete.

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