A delegation of the Venice Commission arrived in Budapest with preconceived ideas

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Venice Commission rejected the Hungarian government's request to examine the issue of the amendment of the Hungarian Constitution objectively.

Secretary of Justice Robert Répássy remarked that members of the delegation demonstrated biased attitude towards the issue they supposed to investigate; in fact, they didn't seem too keen to scrutinize the issues relating to the amendment of the basic law because they have arrived in Hungary with preconceived ideas.

The secretary said experts of the ministry of justice put together a 50-page English language document, which was handed over to members of the delegation in order that rapporteurs can better understand the issues they are investigating.

Members of the delegation, however, indicated that they are not interested in investigating the main issues of the constitution; during meetings with Hungarian officials they instead kept asking politically motivated questions, among others why the amendment of the constitution was needed, how the amendment affecting the Constitutional Court's decision and the national election campaign.

In many cases, members of the Venice Commission demonstrated strong prejudice when discussing constitutional issues. For instance, they said that they would be studying the fifty-page document, but Hungarian officials shouldn't expect that they change their minds on the issue of the amendment of the basic law said Répássy.

(Note: Behind the scene forces truly mystify me; they opened yet another front in the endless war on the nation. A recent poll confirmed that with each new attack more and more people wake up to reality. The European Union attacks managed to accomplish something that even the treasonous Gyurcsany regime couldn't do -- convinced the majority of the population that the European Union is more harmful than beneficial to the country. I guess for the time being we just have to wait and see what comes out of this seemingly insane policy of the globalists to wage war on all fronts knowing quite well that things are stable only withing certain limits, beyond that they have the tendency to turn into their opposites. This is what we have seen in recent by-elections. Intimidation taken to an extreme resulted the humiliating defeat of those who tried to make people feel afraid. Yet the global power masters keep pushing extremist agendas on all fronts, they don't seem to realize the basic truth that lies behind the idea of moderation something that ancient sages preached throughout the ages in various forms -- unless, there is a hidden agenda behind all this that we don't understand.)

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Anonymous said...

If you carefully study Jewish religion, culture and mindset, you will deduce that they are a people without the concept and understanding of the "carrot and the stick".
It stems from their religion, which has no rewards, but only punishment(!) for digression or disobedience of its tenets.
Jewish (religious) life is FULL with rituals all day long, in addition to a myriad of dietary laws.
Not following any of them is punishable by their rabbis or their deity.
How can a people develop societal and cultural mores based on reasonableness and valuing kindness, reward and TOLERANCE, when their mindset and culture was based and shaped on an angry, cruel, vicious, psychopathic god?

ALL cultures are BASED on RELIGION. All of them, no exceptions.

A people with a mindset (culture) like that, once in power, will try to solve everything with punishment, killing and naked aggression. (Study life in the medieval Jewish ghettos; their behavior in the SU after 1917, HU in 1919 and after 1946, or today's Palestine). They will NEVER take a step back, to reflect and ponder. They just demand, punish, push and push until there is the "enough!" moment. And then they act shocked, because they simply DO NOT understand - and never will. It's a complete blind spot.

EVERY real or perceived problem they want to solve by force and punishment. Just look at the Holocaust "denial" laws. There is no discussion, there is no debate, there are no facts, science, tangible scientific proof, verifiable data and NONE are ALLOWED. There is just naked force and totalitarian thought control.

Judaism and Christianity based value, belief and behavior systems cannot coexist in the same society or geographical area. History has AMPLE proof with 109 expulsions in roughly 1750 years. It's like oil and water. We literally see and THINK different and have a diametrically opposed value system in virtually every facet of our lives.

Anonymous said...

he €uro is an instrument to enslave all Europe

The so called €uro crisis has been planned; the foreseeable consequences of the monetary union were well known to the responsible politicians. Top politicians in all countries are lying to their people and cooperating with high finance. Similar to the two world wars, the Germans have been chosen as a scapegoat. We would like the world to know: Angela Merkel is not Germany but a traitor to our nation and all of Europe. The following article will give you the necessary information to understand the mechanisms of the €uro fraud...

The History of the House of Rothschild by Andrew Hitchcock

Anonymous said...

I'm re-posting my earlier comment on the whole EU travesty.

For HU the EU membership is an unmitigated economic DISASTER.
What's more, the numbers bear it out.
According to the the Central Statistical Office (KSH) between 2004 and 2010 HU got HUF 1547.5 billion EUnion help/support, meanwhile payments and compulsory fees to the EU were 6609 billion HUF. Net loss: HUF 5061 billion.

Between 2000 and 2010 mainly due to the (compulsory) elimination of import duties, the EU-15 countries caused a loss of equivalent of an average 2.09% of GDP per year, and they only gave a 0.6% GDP equivalent of net support. Net loss: about 1.5% of GDP per year on the average.

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg. Loss of economic and POLITICAL(!) sovereignty. Wholesale destruction of entire industries. Buying up of real assets for a pittance. Societal destruction due to economic hardship.

I'll be obscene: Are WE fucking CRAZY???

Anonymous said...

European Awakening

Bail-in and the Confiscation of Bank Deposits The Birth of the New Financial Order

Fed Orchestrated Smash In Gold: “Stocks of Physical Gold are Declining”

EU Superstate in Decay VII. Rothschild´s 4. Reich-”Declaration of War” against the Wilful Vassal State of Germany for the Collapse of the Euro and Take-Over of the EU

How Female Suffrage Destroyed Western Civilization

Spaniards stage anti-monarchy protest in Madrid

From Afghanistan to Syria: Women’s Rights, War Propaganda and the CIA

Six J**ish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

Thatcher’s Funeral: Celebrating Neoliberalism, Dead-End Journey of the British Working Class

Grand Theft Cyprus: “Deadly Economic Medicine”

Israeli security forces spray 'Skunk' at Palestinian homes

CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

Demosthenes and Marriage Equality

Anonymous said...

Please limit this endless posting of links; they are NOT COMMENTS and add NOTHING to the discussion, but just clog up space.

Obviously the poster is an idiot with zero ideas and opinions of his own; it's just mindless copy and paste.

Poster: Are you a shill or hasbara to clog up space? I'm familiar with this tactic too. Also, learn HTML in case you want your links to be followed. (But I don't think that's your real aim).
Show some intelligence and knowledge (if you have any).

Anonymous said...

How are Revolutions Born ?

The birth of revolutions is a fascinating, quite relevant, and little-known topic. It was studied by the sociologist Jules Monnerot (1908–1995) after the French events of May 1968 in his book Sociologie de la Révolution [Sociology of Revolution] (Paris: Fayard, 1969). A valuable work for which the author has forged a series of concepts applicable to all situations.

As a sociological study and not one in the history of ideas, Monnerot uses one term, “revolution”—without, of course, ignoring all that separates and opposes the various revolutions of the 20th century: Bolshevism, Italian Fascism, German National Socialism, the French revolutions of 1944 or 1968. Indeed, he applies the same sociological analysis to these mass phenomena while making a clear distinction between conservative revolutions and deconstructive revolutions.

To begin, Monnerot defines some concepts applicable to any revolution. Firstly, the “historical situation“: it is one we’ll never see twice. This is true for 1789, 1917, 1922, 1933, or 1968. Another complementary notion: the “situation of distress.” It is characterized by uncontrolled disturbances. The social structure is defeated: the elements are no longer in place.

When a society is stable, we can distinguish normal (“homogeneous“) and marginal (“heterogeneous“) social elements. Marginal elements are marginal because they are maintained by the pressure of “homogeneous” elements. When a critical threshold of upheaval is reached, the homogeneous part begins to dissociate. Chaos then becomes contagious.

An interesting observation that applies to conservative revolutions: “the homogeneous, even in dissociation, remains homogeneous.” When the upheaval is radical, “the very foundation of society mounts a demand for power.” Fascism, in 1922 or 1933, for example, was a response to this demand in a highly developed society (industry, science, culture). In such a society, when order collapsed, the conservative elements (homogeneous) become temporarily revolutionary in their desire for order and demanded power...

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