Abigél Joó and Barna Bor win bronze medal at European Judo Championships in Budapest

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"I was expecting so much from this European Championship, but then I started getting nervous. I had a butterfly in my stomach, and before the first match, I even cried a little,” said Abigél.

Coach Gábor Pánczél:
"Abigail is among the top ranked women's athletes, but she still needs to evolve and adapt to the new rules. Recently, she had exams to prepare in school as well, which are just as important as the sport. In August, at the Rio World Cup she can perform even better."

78 kg

1 Lucie Louette (France)
2 Ana Velensek (Slovenia)
3 Abigél Joó (Hungary) Marhinde Verkerk (Netherlands)

Barna Bor:
"I stepped on the tatami with the determination that I win come hell or high water. My coach also said that in the finals no need to spare energies. I did not feel pressured by the need to win on home turf. I enjoyed the games, after the Olympic disappointment and a lot of silver medals I am very satisfied."

+100 Kg

1 Teddy Riner (France)
2 Adam Okruasvili (Georgia)
3 Barna Bor (Hungary) Jean-Sebastien Bonvoisin (France)

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