Armenian Genocide Victims Memorial has been unveiled in Szeged

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Armenian Genocide Victims Memorial has been unveiled in Szeged Christian solidarity park on Saturday.

For the unveiling ceremony an Armenian delegation led by Goodwill Ambassador Levon Sargsyan (Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's brother) arrived in Hungary.

In his speech the ambassador said the inauguration of the memorial was a big step forward. "In the past couple of months we had difficult moments in bilateral relations, but the wind will blow them away like ashes" said the ambassador who added that despite the suspension of official ties between the two countries, Hungary and Armenia have hundreds of years of common history.

For the Armenian people it is extremely important to remember the 1915 genocide. We have to honor the memory of more than one and a half million victims, and make sure that a tragedy like this will never happen again anywhere in the world said the ambassador.

Foreign Minister János Martonyi - who personally wasn't able to attend the unveiling ceremony - in his letter emphasized that the Hungarian and the Armenian people are linked by deep and centuries-old friendship based on shared Christian values, common destiny and the fact that Armenian communities live in Hungary for centuries.

Hungary is eager to deepen Hungarian-Armenian friendship and strengthen and widen cooperation in all spheres of life, including restoring diplomatic relations writes Martonyi.

Despite the sad fact that diplomatic relations between the two countries have been suspended Hungary supports the integration of Armenia into the European institutions in all forums.

Armenia broke off diplomatic ties with Hungary in August last year after Budapest extradited an Azerbaijani army officer to his home country after killing an Armenian army officer.

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