Conquest period bow has been reconstructed

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Archaeologist Ádám Bíró and bow-maker Péter Bencsik made replicas of the original bow Hungarian warriors used during the ninth century conquest.

We managed to excavate remains of the weapon from grave sites, which allowed us to make replicas of the 9-10th century weapons that our ancestors used when conquered the Carpathian basin said archaeologist Ádám Bíró.

The uniqueness of the weapon manifested itself in the construction of the frame and the grip of the bow, which made of carved antlers and horns. Ancient Hungarian warriors and hunters always used personalized bows adapted to the unique features of the user said Bíró.

Making replicas of the original bow hindered by the fact that over time, most of the original weapons and tools dissolved in the ground.

Bíró remarked that further studies were needed to find out how effective these weapons were. How much power was needed to use them and what was their shooting range?

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