Csenge Szepesi wins bronze medal at the 5th Karate World Cup - Shinkyokushin World Championships in Vilnius, Lithuania

Monday, April 15, 2013

Csenge Szepesi (second from the right)

Kyokushin World Champion (Budapest 2009) Csenge Szepesi (Kamikaze Sopron) won bronze medal at Shinkyokushin World Championships in +65 kg weight class in Vilnius, Lithuania.

The bronze medal by all means an outstanding achievement considering the fact that a very strong international field assembled for the tournament, which included the cream of the sport.

The tournament was held on April 13-14.

1. Margarita Ciplyute (Lithuania)
2. Emi Shoguchi (Japan)
3. Csenge Szepesi (Hungary) 3. Diana Balsyte (Lithuania)

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