Did Pécs Mayor Zsolt Páva and his family meet gypsy crime?

Friday, April 5, 2013

In the early hours today, the youngest daughter of Pécs Mayor Zsolt Páva was attacked by a sexual offender as she was walking home from a party. The girl fought back and managed to escape from the violent attacker, but in the incident she suffered serious injuries including a broken nose and a broken cheekbone.

The brutal attack took place in downtown Pécs. The twenty year old girl, spent the night with her friends at a university event; in the early hours Friday morning she left the party and as she was walking home a man started following her.

At some point, the perpetrator attacked the girl with the obvious intent to sexually assault her. The twenty year-old girl fought back and managed to escape from the attacker but in the meantime she suffered serious injuries. She was able to defend herself, "and managed to prevent the worst that can happen to a woman," wrote her father in a press release. The attacker broke her cheekbone and nose and tore her clothes apart, she suffered a number of bruises on her body too. She was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

I am confident that police will arrest the perpetrator writes the mayor.

Police released surveillance camera footage about the perpetrator. He is a 20-25 year old man, 160 to 165 centimeters tall, he has round-face, brown-hair and was unshaven during the assault. He wore jeans, leather jacket, orange colored hooded T-shirt, and white-soled black shoes. Baranya County Police Department asking anyone who recognizes the individual shown on the surveillance cameras images or has any relevant information about the crime call Pécs County Police Criminal Investigation Department.

(Notes: The violent nature of the assault already an indication that the attacker might be a gypsy. The today's attack eerily resembles to another high profile case, which took place last summer when twenty year-old Kata Bándy was assaulted during the night as she was walking home from a party by a gypsy. Unfortunately, she couldn't escape from the attacker and after the assault she ended up dead in a ditch. By the way, Kata Bándy's murderer was sentenced today to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.)

Police released the picture of the person suspected of attacking Pécs Mayor Zsolt Páva's 20 year-old daughter in the early hours Friday morning. And what every sane person suspected turned out to be true; the perpetrator is a gypsy. Take a look at the pictures.

The perpetrator -- Zoltán Nyerges -- grew up in an orphanage. He was 17 years old when he raped a girl in Komló said the criminal's brother.

He was sentenced to five years in prison and he was released from jail less than a year ago. He is unemployed ever since. He makes a living selling women into prostitution.

Police assume that Zoltán Nyerges is still hiding in the woods.

Baranya county Roma Self-government offered one hundred thousand HUF reward for anyone helps the arrest of the attacker said the vice-president of the National Roma Self-Government István Hegedűs.

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Anonymous said...

Time to activate the Hungarian Guard and maintain order in society.

Géza said...

ofcourse gypsie crime is a huge problem, but that parents let their young daugthers of 20 walk alone on the streets in the middle of the night is also very irrisponsible and naive, especially after Pécs got a wake up call last year. (the Bándy case)

Well now they (the politically correct) can see that what happened to Bándy Kata wasn't a isolated case at all and twice in the same city too!!

Ricsi said...

Géza,everybody as the right to walk alone at night,to start banning your kids is to give in to these scum.What is needed is acknowledgement of the problem and action against it.Maybe now Pava Zsolt will have the sense to realise we have a gypsy crime problem,or will he STILL toe the party line???
Szigetvári poacher who shot and murdered two wardens given life without parole (gypsy) Bándi Katas Pécsi murderer given life without parole (gypsy). How much more ???

Anonymous said...

Well said.canada is now going thru a gypsy problem

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