Globalist agent Gordon Bajnai's chief ally participated in marijuana promotion campaign

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prime minister wannabe Gordon Bajnai's chief ally Péter Juhász, who is also the leader of “Egymillióan a Magyar Sajtószabadságért” (One Million for the Freedom of the Press) took part in a drug promotion campaign called Global Marijuana March with three dozens of junkies on Saturday in Budapest.

About thirty drug pushers and drug addicts called for the legalization of soft drugs and demanded an open dialogue on the use of medical marijuana.

Organizers of the event published a multi-page brochure in which they are explaining the therapeutic effects of marijuana.

Bajnai's chief ally became publicly known in 2002 when he founded the Hemp Association with the aim to promote the legalization of soft drugs. The co-chairman of Bajnai's election coalition said he has created the association because his trial on drug related charges dragged on for seven years.

There is a consensus among experts that behind the scene forces candidate Gordon Bajnai will be the chief challenger of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the 2014 national election. He tries to create a wide range of political opposition against the Orbán government that ranges from former Bolsheviks to fringe groups including drug pushers and drug addicts.

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