Government amends the panel code – Stricter sentence for gypsy criminals targeting victims of natural disaster

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Criminals that target victims of emergency or natural disaster could face three to ten years in prison according to the proposal in front of the National Assembly.

Fidesz submitted a bill to parliament to amend the Criminal Code which targets criminals that loot public and private properties during national emergencies.

The authors of the bill Fidesz Communications Director Máté Kocsis and Fidesz member of parliament Gergely Gulyás said the new Panel Code could come into force on May 1, which means that it can be applied for crimes committed during the spring flood emergency.

At a press conference in Budapest, Máté Kocsis reasoned that the amendment of the Criminal Code was needed because looting skyrocketing during emergency situations.

He mentioned cases when thieves slowed recovery efforts during the winter snow storm and stole parts of a flood-gate.

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Anonymous said...

EU Superstate in Decay VI Ruinous Costs of Immigration

This is just the beginning. The costs described have now, a year later, increased even further because of further explosive immigration. That is also the intention of “our” NWO politicians who want to destroy our old world order by “stealth” to be able to finish their Communist and Satanic New World Order by Adam Weishaupt´s / Rothschild´s recipe. The prime movers are Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations his Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission - including the prominent board member of both groups, Goldman Sachs Drector and former EU Commissioner, Peter Sutherland, Rockefeller´s Club of Rome as well as Tony Blair´s Labour government, the Danish government - and the EU as expressed by Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.

As if this were not enough the EU Parliament will now facilitate the acquisition of tourist visa for people of countries outside the EU – especially old and sick ones – to boost jobs in the tourist industry off season. That many such immigrants will not return nor be able to be returned to their LDC countries not respecting the EU´s Fundamental Rights seems to be implicit to promote our economic and cultural collapse.

Anonymous said...

Psychological Mechanisms of White Dispossession by Kevin MacDonald

...three mechanisms basic to the psychology of White dispossession — runaway displays of White guilt and abasement, social learning, and being a member of a moral ingroup. ...effusive declarations of allegiance to the multicultural reign of terror are acting out of self-interest. Such people are plugging into the contemporary structure of rewards and punishments created by our hostile elites...affirmations of allegiance to multiculturalism, White guilt, and acquiescence to White dispossession are de rigueur....There is clearly a vast anti-White infrastructure centered in the universities...Social Learning Mechanisms

Another mechanism making anti-White attitudes palatable among Whites derives from research on social learning in psychology...Most people are quite insecure about their intellectual ability...greatest triumphs of the left has been to get people to believe that people who assert White identity... are morally degenerate, stupid, and perhaps psychiatrically disturbed. Obviously, all of these adjectives designate low status...This is particularly a problem for college-educated whites. … Such people have a strong need to feel that their ideas are respectable and part of the mainstream … The respectable mainstream gives them absolutely nothing with which to validate themselves except perhaps the idea that the world will be a better place when people like them no longer have graduate doesn’t make them knowledgable enough on issues like race and the consequences of immigration to challenge the elite media and academic world, so they wear their allegiance to political correctness as a badge of their intelligence and moral rectitude...anti-White revolution has been a top-down revolution ...elite media and academic world.

Framing Issues in Moral Terms...third mechanism has been to frame anti-White messages in moral terms...A sense of moral superiority was also prevalent in the psychoanalytic movement, and the Frankfurt School developed a moral perspective in which social science was to be judged by moral criteria rather than truth.
Evolutionary psychologists have noted that feelings of shame and guilt evolved as signals of atonement to the group

Giving away the farm. Why?

...why Europeans and N. Americans of Euro stock have so easily allowed Europe and N. America to be invaded by so many immigrants from around the world. After all, it’s not as though they first sent armies to conquer us, à la Genghis Khan...

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