Hungarian search and rescue dogs are among the best in the world

Sunday, April 28, 2013

About 40 search and rescue dog units around the world have international licenses of which three members of the Hungarian Red Cross Pest County Search and Rescue Service.

The International Search and Rescue Dog Association made up by 39 countries, including Hungary and incorporating 115 search and rescue dog units. Despite the development of research and rescue technologies, dogs continue to be indispensable finding survivors in disaster stricken areas. A total of 40 search and rescue dogs worldwide have international licenses of which three of them Hungarian dogs -- Aqua, Liza and Roger.

In Hungary, search and rescue dogs help finding hundreds of missing persons or people trapped under the rubble each year and in many cases, they help police work finding criminals.

The three internationally licensed search and rescue dogs were involved in a famous criminal case when they found a gangster on the top 10 list of infamous criminals who was hiding behind a fake cabinet especially constructed to fool thermal imaging cameras.

After the Haiti earthquake 273 search and rescue dogs helped finding survivors and thanks to their work 132 survivors were rescued from under the rubble. Hungarian search and rescue dogs had been deployed internationally the last time in the Indonesian earthquake in 2009.

Aqua and Liza were part of the team, which in 2009 won gold medal for Hungary at the International Search and Rescue Dog Association World Championships.

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