Hungary is a featured guest in China Investment Conference

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hungary will be one of the featured guests at the investment conference kicked off Wednesday in Beijing said Peter Lőrincze, National Association of Entrepreneurs (VOSZ) presidential adviser in the Chinese capital.

The China International Trade Promotion Council (CCPIT) has organized the Chinese enterprises overseas investment conference the seventh time this year; besides Germany and Canada, Hungary received an opportunity as a featured guest to outline investment opportunities in the country.

Chinese companies that take part in the conference want to invest abroad among others in the European Union explained Lőrincze, who is also a member of the Chinese-Hungarian Business Council.

The aim of the Hungarian business delegation is to outline prospective investment opportunities for interested Chinese investors.

Hungarian experts pointed out that setting up plants in Hungary would allow Chinese companies to escape EU anti-dumping procedures that currently, affect goods coming from China.

Lőrincze mentioned specific opportunities where economic cooperation between the two countries would be highly beneficial; these include setting up solar cell and electronic devices manufacturing plants. But, there are excellent opportunities in producing traditional Chinese medicine in Hungary, setting up joint electronic vehicle manufacturing plants and developing health and spa tourism industries.

Lőrincze believes that the investment conference provides a platform for business people to discuss investment opportunities giving new impetus to bilateral relations.

Government Commissioner for Hungarian-Chinese Bilateral Relations Peter Szijjártó is in China and he gives a welcome presentation at the "Hungarian Day" opening ceremony on Thursday.

Szijjártó signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei Technologies and holds talks with Chinese state officials. The commissioner then accepts permanent residency applications from Chinese investors.

Szijjártó said the Hungarian government has decided to establish a legal framework for investors, which allows them to live in Hungary as permanent residents. Under the new law, Chinese investors receive a 5-year residency permit in Hungary if they buy more than 250 thousand EUROS worth of Hungarian government securities and keep them for at least five years.

The commissioner also informed his Chinese partner about the Hungarian government's intention to open a trading house in Beijing in the second half of this year in order to stimulate trade between the two countries. The Hungarian government also intends to reopen the Consulate General Office in Hong Kong.

The Hungarian Cultural Institute will open in Beijing this year and the government is determined to increase the number of Chinese students accepted in Hungarian Universities under the mutual scholarships agreement signed by the two governments.

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Anonymous said...

One thing the Chinese understand about business is to sell the not the orchard, not the fruit. This is a good lesson for trading partners.

The Chinese should remember who was responsible for trashing their society in the 19th Century with the opium (drug) trade that continues today. Obviously Hungary had no involvement and thus is a non-exploitive trading partner. Search the terms HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank China) bank, Sassoon family, British East India Company, drugs and the trail leads to the usual suspects. Enclosed are some good videos explaining the history and background of the drug and financial system - learn from history.

Enclosed are some interesting articles on the current banking and financial scam. While it is good for Hungary to have positive relations with the Chinese, a reformed Hungarian financial sector (public banking, business co-operatives, etc) with a traditional "functioning society", Hungary is quite capable of meeting its own economic, technical and agricultural needs without foreign investment - use technological and business collaborations. Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent economic + industrial gutting of the nation through neo-liberal economics, Hungary was a functioning society despite the boot of communism. Look back even further - prior to WW2 and Hungary was a success story.

Inclusive is an article discussing China's new economic "deal" with Iceland - gaining status as an official interested party in the Arctic region - does China border the arctic ? Obviously not.

Once again, study the current economic scam, understand history and solutions naturally flow from the knowledge and understanding.

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