“I didn't come home because in truth, I haven't even left” - Natasa Janics-Douchev

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Even if the Serbian Canoe Federation would have paid 150 thousand euros for me -- the Hungarian Canoe Federation asked 150 thousand euros for letting Janics compete under the Serbian flag -- I had come back said Natasa after returning Hungary from a Portuguese training camp last week. She and her husband realized that they made a major mistake soon after leaving Hungary. She knows that some people are upset because of what happened and maybe never forgive her for wanting to leave the country.

“I didn't come home because in truth, I haven't even left” said Natasa to journalists in Győr after returning from a brief excursion in Serbia; in Győr, she has lots of friends as she already trained there as a teenager at the beginning of her career.

The three-time Olympic champion kayaker answered journalists' questions in pouring rain before the afternoon training session. "The rain is still better than zero degree and snow. The training camp in Portugal was not much better either" said Natasa.

She also revealed that her new coach in Győr will be Krisztián Tokár, but her husband, Andrian Douchev will also work as a consultant -- the same arrangement as it was in Szeged. (The difficulty lies in the fact that the Hungarian law doesn't allow anyone without coaching certificate to work as a coach. Natasa's husband, Olympic bronze medalist Andrian Douchev doesn't have coaching certificate and officially, he can't coach her wife.)

Natasa said she has never wanted to leave Hungary; she left reluctantly, because her husband wanted a coaching position in Serbia and she had to keep her family together.

“In Serbia, we realized very quickly that I got used to so much the Hungarian racing rules that I will never be able to adopt the Serbian system. The Serbian Olympic Committee was also uncooperative, but there were other factors that influenced me to change my mind; all in all, we realized that we made a major mistake when left Hungary" said Natasa.

"I understand that many fans are disappointed with me, but they can't see into my head and they don't know all aspects of this story. Having said that, I accept the fact that some people will never forgive me. However, my homecoming was a very pleasant experience as fans waited for me at the airport and many encouraged me at the Szeged mall as well, thank you very much for them for that" said Natasa.

Janics won't be part of the Hungarian national team at the upcoming World Cup in Szeged in May as the head-coach of the Hungarian national team Botond Storcz had decided on the team before Natasa returned to Hungary. "I missed a couple World Cups and European Championships in my life, this is not going to effect my work in any way," commented Natasa. “This was the coach's decision, I can't interfere with that" she added.

In 2013, Janics targets K1-200 m and K1-500 m; the latter is the same as Krisztina Fazekas Zur is also focusing on so we expect very intense competition between the two world class athletes. Janics' coach said "Natasa is best in K1-200 m as she has the explosiveness necessary to win these races”. However, the preparation can't start just by focusing on sprints. In addition, she has to be two or three times more determined than the rest of the team because of the know reasons said her coach.

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