Jewish organizations are up in arms over the planned biker's procession during the annual Jewish March for Life event

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jewish organizations called on authorities to ban the planned biker's procession on April 21, the day when Jews commemorate the Jewish victims of the Second World War.

According to Jewish groups, the biker's procession called “Give it Gas!” is a coded message, a metaphor for the concentration camps, a call to repeat the atrocities of the death camps.

We have to make sure that in our country no one can humiliate us any more; let's show that the time of wickedness is over says the statement issued by the Hungarian Jewish Organization, “Mazsihisz”.

The poster of the procession says: Hands off our land and our houses.

Fidesz floor leader Antal Rogan issued a statement on Sunday condemning the bikers organized event calling it a provocation.

The Hungarian government caved in to Jewish pressure and banned the biker's planned procession on April 21. “The event is not only against good taste, but it also undermines the constitutional rights of minorities" said PM Viktor Orban in the parliament today.

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Anonymous said...

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Géza said...

"We have to make sure that in our country no one can humiliate us any more, says the statement issued by the Hungarian Jewish Organization, “Mazsihisz”"

True, they have their own jewish state where they can go to, it was specially created for them to life in peace with eachother.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Geza (above).
HU is not America; it is NOT a "country of immigrants".
It is a country of and for Hungarians, just like Israel is of, and for the Jews. A simple concept to draw. Jews or Gypsies have no (and should not have) "rights" proclaimed or inferred due to their ethnicity. The whole concept is utterly offensive and obscene - in the land of Hungarians.

Everybody born in HU should be given the opportunity to become a Hungarian the same way Sarkozy became a bona-fide Frenchman. But the moment a self-declared "Hungarian" (Magyar) starts to ethnicize him or herself, as being a Jew or Gypsy or whatever separate group, he/she should be treated as a resident alien with civil/citizenship rights, but subject to judicial deportation should he/she prove to be inimical or subversive to Hungary or Hungarians. For your information: A large percentage of the populace of France is actually demanding such measures (currently against Arabs/Muslims), so it's not exactly an unheard-of idea. The French are addressing their minority problem this way. Their Gypsy/Jew population is small, but the Arab/Muslim is large, so those two latter are not in their sights. We are in the opposite situation. We have a small number of Arabs/Muslims, but a large number of Gypsy/Jews.

If Jews are unhappy with not being liked in HU, they should leave. In Israel by the "ah so tolerant" Jews, Gentiles are routinely spat on, on the street, plenty of videos attest to that. Of course, NOTHING is done to counter it by the authorities or the citizens.
I don't see "righteous" Jews protesting such atrocious behavior in either Israel, nor in Hungary.
However, guess what would happen to you if you spat on a Jew or Gypsy on the streets of Budapest...

A rhetorical question: If Jews have the "right" to spit in their land, why don't we have it in ours???

Anonymous said...

In spite of the ever more shrill and loud whining of the "Chosenites", the sense of national identity in getting stronger world-wide to no small consternation of the Tribe.
Just look at the last 20 of so years changes to the South of HU - or just to the North...
Look at Spain (Catalans, Basques), Belgium (Flamands, Vallons), or the UK (Scots, Welsh, N. Irish).
The sense of national identity and the demand for Nation-State is getting stronger - thankfully - all over Europe.
To the Cabal: It ain't going away... Sorry.
If you care to notice, the Gypsy/Jews are excluded in all of them.

Anonymous said...

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Peter Pan said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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