Jobbik distributes food and clothes to the needy in Budapest eighteenth district

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Anonymous said...

Monogamy and the Uniqueness of European Civilization by Kevin MacDonald

One of the arguments against gay marriage is that allowing gays to marry would eventually lead to polygamy, or even marriage between man and goat. And indeed it might. But the issue of polygamy has already been before the Supreme Court, and the opinion—which upheld monogamous (heterosexual) marriage as the only legitimate form of marriage—is of contemporary interest because of how it defended traditional monogamous marriage...
Polygamy has always been odious among the northern and western nations of Europe, and, until the establishment of the Mormon Church, was almost exclusively a feature of the life of Asiatic and of African people. At common law, the second marriage was always void...
Notice that these are not religious arguments but are based on tradition long predating Christianity..

Vedanta, Meister Eckhart, Schelling by Julius Evola

The Tools of the Occult War by Julius Evola

Initiatic Centers & History by Julius Evola

On the Subterranean History of Rome by Julius Evola

The Liberating Influences of the Traditional East
by Julius Evola

Anonymous said...

Where are the leftists while Hungarian patriots are helping their countrymen? They are too busy selling out Hungary to the globalists and internationalist order! Be ready, a storm is on the horizon...

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