Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki tabled bill in parliament about dual citizenship

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The bill proposes to make it compulsory for MPs to declare their second citizenship if there is any.

The bill proposes the amendment of the National Assembly Act that regulates asset declaration obligation for members of parliament.

According to Mirkóczki, nationality is a form of identity and it indicates loyalty. It is not ideal when politicians with dual citizenship represent the country for instance, in a diplomatic imbroglio or in any other kind of international debate.

The proposal would not prohibit dual or multiple citizenship for MPs, it only obliges them to make this information available to the public.

The bill if passed compels members of parliament to release information about their citizenship to the public no later than July 1, 2013.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget a provision prohibiting dual citizenship for those serving in others' National (not commercial mercinary) armies ! Historically, it is an act of treason.

Anonymous said...

What happened to all the comments with links to interesting articles ?

Anonymous said...

Anon@4/17 1:03
They were not relevant to the subject. This space is for related-to-the-subject comments, not for blogging. He was really clogging up the space, diluting the flow of comments and he couldn't even do HTML for the links.

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