Jobbik's support has tripled in Barcs

Monday, April 22, 2013

In Sunday's by-election Jobbik candidate Balázs Ander received 31 percent of the vote, which is three times more than the party received in 2010 national election.

Three years ago in the same district Jobbik candidate received 10 percent of the vote.

Last month's Dunakeszi and Monor by-elections Jobbik received nearly two times more vote than the globalist parties combined.

These results show that the national radical party has become the second most popular party not only in Eastern and Central Hungary, but also in some parts of the Transdanubian region as well and as such, it might become the main challenger of Fidesz in the 2014 national election.

The globalist parties (Mesterhazy-Bajnai-Gyurcsany coalition) didn't run candidates the Sunday's by-election for fear of a humiliating defeat.

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fnn said...

Maybe it would help to publicize the hostility to Hungary and Jobbik shown by ultra-Zionist bond trader and journalist David Goldman:
"Consider the facts: by 2040, you will have about 60% more elderly dependents than you have now, and about half as many young workers. Your economies will collapse, along with your social safety net. The trajectories in the chart below well may understate the problem. In the United Nations’ low variant, Hungary’s total fertility rate stays above one child per female. Excluding the Roma (Gypsies), though, Hungary’s fertility rate has already fallen to a chillingly low 0.85."
" Only 10% of Hungarian men and 12% of Hungarian women are married by age thirty, which is to say that only a tenth of young Hungarians intend to have children. If you don’t have children, you will disappear, Jews or no Jews. Long before you disappear, your economies will collapse under the weight of dependent elderly."
"Hungary among the Western nations is the least likely to succeed, and correspondingly the least hospitable towards Jews. Last year a member of parliament for the Jobbik Party, Zsolt Baráth, revived the 1882 Tiszaeszlár blood libel against Hungary’s Jews — the allegation that Jews slaughtered a 14-year-old girl to obtain blood to make Passover matzos. The Jewish defendants were acquitted of the preposterous charges, but Baráth “claimed the judge had proof of the defendants’ guilt but succumbed to pressure to acquit them to avoid seeing Hungary bankrupted by international financiers,” as the AP reported on April 5, 2012. To the rest of the civilized world, it stamps you indelibly as evil clowns."

"Some months before the incident I visited Budapest, a city that seems inhabited by more statues than people. It was built as an imperial capital to rule an area of 25 million people, but now serves a country of fewer than 10 million. It is more mausoleum than metropolis, filled with marble images of long-forgotten heroes of independence battles that soon will pass out of human memory. In some ways, that is a shame. The stuffed carp in aspic with a cherry-and-horseradish sauce served at one of the town’s two surviving kosher restaurants is a revelation to Jews who have suffered with the insipid paste claiming to be gefilte fish. Except for the stuffed carp, Budapest is one of the most depressing venues in the world, a reminder of generations of past suffering and obsession that have come to naught."

"The latest Hungarian census shows that more than half of Hungarian families have no children (against a fifth in the United States). A quarter of families have just one child, and just 15% have two. The proportion of dependent elderly rose to 38% from 32.5%. And Hungary’s terrible slide into demographic extinction has just begun."

"Under the circumstances, it’s also no surprise that Hungary has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, at 21 per 100,000 of population per year."

Anonymous said...

I need more informations about this by-election :
1/ What is the party of the elected candidate?
2/ Was it an election for the national Parliament or for a district or for a municipality?

Anonymous said...

I don't care about David Goldman's opinion and his Tribe.
I just want them out of Hungary. I don't care about his predictions what happens to us, how poor we are or will become without them. (I rather be poor, but be without them).
Just be gone already.

If for him and his Chosenites Budapest sucks, then it's just one more reason just get the fuck out ASAP; Israel - the promised land - where no Gentiles are allowed - is waiting for them with lotsa babies and open arms.
So why the hell they don't leave, for Chrissakes?

Remember: in Hungarian, Hungary = Magyarorszag. Translated to English:"The land/country of Magyars" (Hungarians) and not the land of some assorted arrogant parasitic loudmouth newcomers. Our country's name is not just a bunch of sounds like "Belgium" or "Austria" or "Canada", devoid of any real literal meaning even for their inhabitants. For us, it HAS a literal MEANING; it belongs(!) to us. Yup, it does shape your thinking; language tends to do that - in case you didn't know.

Anonymous said...

The more they attack Hungary (and it's an attack) the stronger Jobbik gets.
They are trying to intimidate. It works with some people/nations, doesn't with others.
Some it just pisses off, and there is a backlash.

But of course, the talmudites don't get that, since historically they never stood up for anything; jewish chickenshit cowardice is legendary - at least in the European folklore. Since they are prisoners of their belief/behavior system, they automatically assume that others (and other people) will react to the same stimuli (or push) as they would.

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