Latest poll by Tarki: Fidesz is continuing to hold a substantial lead over the other parties

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

According to recent poll by Tarki, among decided voters Fidesz leads with 48% support, followed by the socialists with 21% and Jobbik with 17% support.

The Bajnai led globalist coalition garnered 7% support in April, while the support of the fringe parties is well below the 5% threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament.

The poll also shows that the number of undecided voters decreased from 51% in March to 49% in April.

The result of the poll confirms that despite the foreign financial support Bajnai and his globalist gang can't make a breakthrough as people start understanding that Bajnai's top priority is to sell the country out to his foreign pay-masters.

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