Statue of Lev Tolstoy will be erected in Budapest

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Russian writer Lev Tolstoy's statue will be erected in Budapest City Park; the decision has been unanimously supported by Budapest City Council on its Wednesday's meeting.

A bust is the gift of the Tolstoy Association for Hungarian-Russian Cooperation; the artwork is the creation of Russian sculptor Vasil Roman. The 235 centimeter tall monument of the world-famous Russian writer will be mounted on a 90-cm by 90-cm base.

The sculpture will be placed in a green area near the intersection of the Mihály Zichy street and the Lev Tolstoy promenade.

Budapest City Park Tolstoy walkway was inaugurated last January.

Lev Tolstoy (1828-1910) is one of the leading novelists of Russian and world literature; he wrote among others War and Peace and Anna Karenina.

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