New poll shows massive Fidesz lead, Jobbik is second

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New poll by “Iránytű Intézet” shows that among decided voters Fidesz leads by 48% support. Followed by Jobbik with 21%, the Socialist with 15% and the Bajnai led “Eggyutt 2014” coalition with 12 % support.

The fringe parties (LMP and the Gyurcsany led Democratic Coalition) received 2% and 1% support respectively; they are well below the threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament.

A word of caution! The two globalist formations (Socialists and Eggyutt 2014) are basically the same party, they just run under different names to confuse and mislead voters. If we look at the result of the survey from this point of view the two globalist parties together are still ahead of Jobbik.

The survey is based on telephone interviews with a representative sample of 1,000 adults nationwide; the poll was conducted between April 10 - 25.

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Anonymous said...

Jobbik: 21% - nice. It will get better as more open their eyes.
The Le Pen in France is also gaining ground, (it's at 23%) which is good news.
Southern Europe is radicalizing also - fast.

Make no mistake about it; the nationalist movements are gaining ground. People talk, and start to see who are running, stealing and wrecking the world in every way imaginable.
It's coming...

Anonymous said...

The UKIP in the UK has shown huge gains yesterday.
It's gaining momentum - rapidly.

Time to soil your pants - you know who.

It's coming...

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