Open letter to Europe's citizens

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear Friends,

There has been a systematic smear campaign against Hungary since the 2010 elections, whereby large-circulation newspapers, television shows and other media tendentiously spread false and discrediting news on a daily basis. These news reports attempt to convince public opinion, which is unfamiliar with the Hungarian reality, that democracy has been undermined in Hungary, that minorities are persecuted, that the press is not free, that ordinary people must fear, that anti-Semitism and prejudice are raging, and that an extreme right-wing elite is getting ready to introduce a totalitarian dictatorship.

These news reports bear no relation to the reality. There is democracy in Hungary, nobody is discriminated against due to their origins and everybody is free to publish their own opinions. The new Fundamental Law of Hungary, which replaced the former Stalinist Constitution with a twenty-year delay after elimination of the socialist dictatorship, is in line with European standards and the finest traditions of more than one thousand years of Hungarian statehood.

Dear Friends,

We follow these news reports with ever growing concern, because the twentieth century taught us many times that media smear campaigns against countries stigmatized as guilty were sometimes followed by actual military intervention. We do not wish to share the fate of countries declared guilty, so we ask you to inform yourselves about the actual state of Hungary’s affairs in person or, if that is not possible, through reliable people, and from as many sources as possible.

The centre-right conservative camp won a victory resulting in the highest achievable two-thirds majority through democratic elections in Hungary in 2010. This victory occurred because the vast majority of society had had enough of the damage caused by the post-communist left-wing and liberal leadership.

We call this great spiritual change the "two-thirds revolution" because it resulted in a social revolution that enabled the closure of the temporary post-communist era within a constitutional framework. This highly ambivalent era was dominated by a left wing whose motto was: "It may not be moral, but it is legal."

Dear Friends,

More and more of our fellow Hungarians who emigrated in the past to Germany, England and other countries, including the United States, report that they are asked almost every day there about events in Hungary and the explanation for the terrible news that the local newspapers inform them about. We cannot answer each of these false allegations, partly because we would not have enough time and partly because these media outlets are unwilling to give room to our opinions.

You should realize, however, that this is not a crusade against Hungary. This crusade is the reaction of the left-wing and liberal intellectuals dominating the international media to the devastating defeat the Hungarian voters inflicted on them and the conservative revolution in Hungary. The leftists and liberals fear a Europe-wide conservative shift, which is why they wish to wipe out the results of the Hungarian change and launched a smear campaign against us.

We said in the most critical period that "we believe in the power of love and unity". This belief not only enabled us to close the chaotic post-communist era after twenty years once and for all, but also to protect the results of our decisions. At marches attended by half a million people, extraordinary numbers by European terms, we took an oath to protect the government, which we elected ourselves, against external attacks.

Dear Friends,

Please believe us that the people of the 1956 revolution knows today too that hard work, fair democracy, national independence, tolerance and mutual understanding are capable of miraculous things. Please convince yourselves of the truth of our statements in person. Finally, please convey the message of the Hungarians to all citizens of the European Union: "We continue to believe steadfastly in the power of love and unity"

Budapest, April 2013

Dr. Andrasofszky Barna, Albert Gábor, Balassa Sándor, Bándy Péter, dr. Bárdi László, Bayer Zsolt, dr. Békeffy Magdolna, Bencsik András, Bencsik Gábor, dr. Bíró Zoltán, Callmeyer Ferenc, Császár Angela, Csete György, Csizmadia László, dr. Csókay András, Dörner György, Erkel Tibor, Fricz Tamás, dr. Galgóczy Gábor, dr. Gedai István, dr. Gyulay Endre, dr. Hámori József, Hampel Katalin, Huth Gergely, Jókuthy Zoltán, Juhász Judit, dr. Kellermayer Miklós, dr. Kisida Elek, Kondor Katalin, dr. Kováts-Németh Mária, dr. Körmendi Béla, dr. Lentner Csaba, dr. Marton Ádám, May Attila, Méry Gábor, Monspart Sarolta, Náray-Szabó Gábor, Osztie Zoltán, Palkovics Imre, dr. Papp Lajos, Pataky Attila, Pozsgai Zsolt, Pozsonyi Ádám, Schulek Ágostonné, dr. Szabó József, dr. Szakter Mátyás, Szalay Károly, Szarka Eszter, Szarka István, dr. Szíjártó István, Szőnyi Kinga, Szűcs Julianna, Takács Zsuzsa, Tamás Menyhért, Tóth Gy. László, dr. Tóth Kálmán, Turcsány Péter, Weinwurm Árpád, dr. Weinzierl Tamás, Zárug Péter, Zsoldos Ferenc



Anonymous said...

Statement in support of the open letter to Europe’s citizens by Hungarian intellectuals
Magyar Bravo! Vagyunk veled!
Meg kell kihúzni a piros hydra fejek!
Magyar barátaink, veletek vagyunk

ÉLJEN magyarország! Éljen lengyelország!
két jóbarát örökké

* Isten, áldd meg a Magyart *


Anonymous said...

Statement in support of the open letter to Europe’s citizens by Hungarian intellectuals

We, members of the academic community assembled in the Academic Civic Clubs (AKO) want to express our solidarity with the Hungarian intellectuals – signatories of the open letter „To Europe’s citizens”. We fully support the letter – both its dramatic form and the painful accuracy with which it depicts the present situation of Hungary.
We admire our Hungarian brethren for their determination and courage in the restoration of the Christian values, which we also cherish and which, we feel, are similarly threatened in our country.

We strongly condemn and express our protest against the slander campaign directed at Hungary. The vilification of today’s Hungary consists in misleading the public opinion with falsehood and lies depicting the nonexistent threats to democracy, and in propagating fear about the coalition parties ruling Hungary today. This coalition, it must be remembered, was democratically elected in a landslide victory in 2010. Many journalists, also those from public media, conceal the preeminent fact that the present government has rescued the country from its dire economic predicament and massive unemployment that were physically threatening the existence of the Hungarian nation. Among the critics and hostile reviewers of the government there are individuals directly responsible for bringing Hungary to the brink of economic collapse. It is deplorable that when they were in power, there was no condemnation of their irresponsible policies from European governments, EU agencies or the European Commission.

Not only journalists, but also the European Commission does take actions which are an intrusion into the realm of ethical and moral principles – something the Commission is neither authorised nor competent to do. Justifying such actions by the alleged violations by the Hungarian authorities of tolerance or European values is not corroborated by facts. Building the life of a nation on the foundation of Christianity is a guarantee of highest possible standards in the work of both the government and the parliament, while hard work, fair democracy, national independence, tolerance and mutual understanding are capable of miraculous things. It is Christianity that two thousand years of European tradition and law making are based upon and that provides the best possible model for the shaping of relations between people.

Following our Hungarian brothers and sisters, we hereby appeal for the content of their letter to be publicised and witness be given to the truth. The current actions by journalists, agencies of European governments and of the European Commission not only paint a false picture, but may also – as pointed out in the Hungarian open letter - be a threat to the independence and sovereignty of a free nation. Indeed, they are a danger to the foundations of the European Union and European civilisation as such, undermining their cultural, social and economic cohesion and jeopardising the course of European integration.

The great effort made by the Hungarian society to resolve their social and economic problems should win them respect and trust and be supported by people of good will all over the world. We heartily congratulate our Hungarian brothers and sisters on their success to date, their empowerment and struggle. We wish them courage and perseverance in the implementation of the values they share in public life.

We also wish you, our Hungarian brothers and sisters, an active support from free European nations of your praiseworthy endeavours to develop your country and make it a better place.

May you be successful and victorious!

AKO Chairman

Professor Stanisław Mikołajczak

Signed by members of President Lech Kaczynski Academic Civic Clubs in Poznań, Kraków, Warszawa, and Łódź

"A magyarok istenére
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!"

Éljen a magyar szabadság!
Éljen a haza!

Magyar barátaink, veletek vagyunk

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