Picture of the day: Gypsies demolished two buildings owned by the municipality of Csongrád

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The two buildings were part of a public housing project. The gypsies -- two brothers – systematically demolished the building starting with the roof. They sold the roof tiles to a local businessman and used the doors and windows as firewood for home heating.

According to police, the damage is approximately 600 thousand HUF. Investigators recovered some of the tiles.

The brothers are accused of felony theft, but none of them taken into custody.

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Anonymous said...

A large percentage - possibly more than half - are simply savages; no more than talking primates in human form.
They are very obviously unreformable, unadaptable, uncivilizable. 600 years of living in Europe couldn't reform them. They're unfit to live in the modern and civilized world.

One day a decision will have to be made what to do with them since we cannot live in the same area together in the now densely populated Europe in the long run. Anybody who thinks otherwise, is simply delusional (blind faith over logic, reality and experience). Siberia has still fairly empty places, or perhaps Africa?

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, with this IDIOT TROLL devoid of thoughts, and his stupid links. It has no bearing on the subject. Please delete it, it just takes just up space - which likely to be the intent.

Magyarul valoszinu nem ert ez a hulye barom, mert a celja a figyelemszetszorasa az olvasonak. Kerem toroljek.

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