Picture of the day: Hungarian-hater Dániel Péter moved to Israel

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nepszava reporting that one of the most vicious Hungarian-haters of the country and his family moved to Israel.

Dániel continuously slandered the Hungarian nation, it history and its symbols. He vandalized the Horthy monument just a few days after it was unveiled and smeared ketchup over a special edition of the new Hungarian constitution exhibited for public view, just mentioning a few of his recent anti-Hungarian acts.

According to information obtained by the liberal news portal, Dániel moved to Tel-Aviv. The Gyurcsany admirer lawyer announced his intention to leave Hungary last year; then, he indicated that he was seeking a job with the Israeli army.

It turned out that several court proceedings are underway against Dániel. Fidesz member of parliament Mária Wittner launched a libel suit against him and court proceedings regarding the damage of the Horthy monument is still pending. Now, the question is how will his absence affect the ongoing lawsuits.

Daniel Peter sent a message to the old country on his Facebook page.

"I wish to inform everyone that as I've promised I moved to Israel for good. I don't recognize the Hungarian government as a legitimate authority therefore, I don't recognize the rule of law of the country... I don't comply with summons, I refuse to pay fines and taxes until the Orbán government reigns. The reason for this is the destruction of democracy, the violation of the rule of law and the the emergence and growth of extreme right political parties. Shalom! "

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Anonymous said...

Good riddance.
I wish they would all leave to the last one - forever...

Anonymous said...

one down

Anonymous said...

Who will provide the replacement entertainment this Jackass provided ? His media theatrics are so funny - the Court Clown. Before he leaves, he needs to nominate a replacement clown !

Anonymous said...

You would think joining someone else's Army and the explicit Oath of Loyalty would dis-entitle this character to (dual) Hungarian citizenship. You can't serve two masters. I hope this dude develops some moral fiber to understand he is joining a satanic, criminal organization responsible for the genocide of Palestinians. Maybe he already understands this. Remember to boycott Tribe products - barcodes beginning with "729".

Lest We Forget–The Israeli Massacre of Deir Yassin

Israel’s Monopoly over Water Distribution in the West Bank: Supports Illegal Settlers, Impoverishes Palestinians

frg said...

Dave Goldman REALLY hates Hungary:

frg said...

I think it would have caused a significant increase in the national birth rate if this guy had been publicly whipped after defacing the Horthy statue.
EU sanctions would follow, so you would have had to let bygones be bygones and make a deal with Putin. The real threat today is Washington/Brussels whose program is extinction for all the peoples of Europe.

Anonymous said...

Head rabbi: jews, gentiles not equals in Israel.

"Head rabbi of the Israeli military Brigadier General Rafi Peretz believes non-Jews should not have equal rights with the Jews in Israel.

The rabbi said the idea of giving non-Jews equal rights in Israel goes against the principles of the Torah and government representatives have no authority to go against the Torah’s teachings.

This is while many researchers believe that the current Torah has been distorted and does not contain the original teachings of the Prophet Moses.

Peretz’s racist ruling has been published in a book titled “Laws of the Mezuzah” published by the Israeli military’s Rabbinate.

The book, which has been recently distributed in Israeli military bases, has been authored by rabbis, Capt. Alexander Rones, Capt. Dov Berkovich and Capt. Hananiah Shafran.

The book advocates installing mezuzahs, which are fixed to doorposts by Jews as a sign of faith, in army bases and says the presence of non-Jews in Israeli army bases cannot be used as a reason for not affixing mezuzahs there.

It also says even if government property is like a cooperative, since the public in general is Jewish, as long as non-Jews have not purchased a part of the assets, they have no right to government property."

I'm of the opinion, that the same should be done in Hungary - but REVERSED.
Non-Gentiles (or non-Hungarians) should not have equal rights with Gentiles (or Hungarians) in Hungary.
It's only fair isn't it? IF they can do it (or advocate it), so can we - right? If I'm wrong, explain it, why it's OK for them, but not for us.
Being a Chosenite has SPECIAL privileges?? If so, WHY?

Leslie Lim said...
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Anonymous said...

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