Picture of the day: Russian President Vladimir Putin apparently enjoying the spectacle staged by globalist run Femen movement's topless activists

Monday, April 8, 2013

Photo: Jochen Lübke

Four topless activists of the globalist run Femen movement staged a protest against Putin's human rights policies at the Industrial Trade Fair in Hannover Germany.

The Russian president visited the International Industrial Trade Fair with German Chancellor Angela Merkel when topless activists staged a protest.

Putin said he has expected the spectacle and not at all bothered by it. It may even prove useful, as it provides lots of publicity to the Industrial Fair.

(Note: I foresee the day when the globalists lay off the girls and disband the group as the spectacles are getting boring and they don't have the shock effect any more; the girls always performing the same old repetitious show without adding innovations to it or implementing creative elements into their performances.)

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Anonymous said...

Pussy Riot - Band or Propaganda Ploy?

Pussy Riot is not a rock band. They have never recorded a CD, never played in a show. They are part of a Rothschild program to destabilize Russia, ironically using Communist tactics...

Pussy Riot now joins the bare-breasted Ukranian Femen group, the "March of the Sluts" groups and the Gay Parades that have been in the news lately. Always well funded, their agenda is extreme feminism, cultural marxism and the destruction of all traditional relgious and family values. The use of "frontmen", agents provocateurs who end up as "victims" after intentional confrontation is an old tactic of Cultural Marxists.

Russia is now a special target since the country has turned to more nationalist, conservative ways. Recently, Russia has forbidden gay parades for 100 years, and Saint Petersburg does not allow propaganda that may expose children to the gay lifestyle. They also regulated and controlled foreign-funded NGOs, thus cutting the arms of foreign influence in Russia...
It is common knowledge that Gorbatchev intended to deliver Soviet Union into the hands of the new world order elite. A New Ager himself, he put almost all riches of the country in pockets of Masonic bankers and oligarchs who were front men to Rothschild interests...
Materialist Marxism has passed its expiry date and now Cultural Marxism has been adopted by the western new world order elite. It is the way they control societies... It is very ironic that Cultural Marxism is being used to attack Russia, the same tool that it used successfully for decades against the West...
The western satanic elite is using NGOs to destabilize countries which are resisting their new world order and undermine any values that empower the individual, such as family, patriotism and religion.

In typical School of Frankfurt strategy, it works with opinion leaders, the media, show business and education. They make it look like the desired change had grassroots origins. In integrated countries, it mostly uses political correctness and eco-nazism (Greenpeace, WWF).

The so-called Arab spring was without a doubt the most successful application of this strategy so far. Small groups funded by the elite, many times through George Soros and his many organizations, spread dissent in society (agitprop Marxist tactics). In the Islamic countries, this resulted in the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, a Masonic organization which works for the NWO. Now the elite is trying the same strategy with Russia.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Marionette Master


President Wilson was the puppet of the Rothschild’s through his handler Colonel Edward Mandell House. Some contend that Wilson never during his entire presidency expressed a single self-realized thought. Things have not changed much in respect to control, only that the new puppet master, while being schooled by the Rothschild’s in Europe is the “resident evil” who makes the Rothschild dynasty look positively benign.

Gyoergy Schwartz is the birth name of Obama financier and alter ego; you most likely know him as George Soros...

Canada, Land of Pandering Fools

0jr said...

French Femen spokeswoman is a professional prostitute

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