PM Orbán: We believe in the power of facts and arguments

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hungarian Government has been waiting for the European Commission's investigation to be completed regarding the fourth amendment of the Constitution and after that we can talk about it said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a press conference in Bilbao Monday evening.

The prime minister is on a two-day official visit in Spain; at a press-conference, he hinted that European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso indicated that experts has not been completed the legal analysis of the amendment of the Basic Law yet.

"I'll wait until they read it, then we can talk about it. We're democrats, and we believe in the power of facts and arguments" said Orbán, adding that his government is always available to everyone to discuss Hungary-related matters.

The suggestion of suspending Hungary's rights in the EU based on the Lisbon Treaty's seventh article is a bad joke said the prime minister. This article used against countries that do not respect the basic democratic values of the organization "but so far nobody could come up with one single argument of this in relation to Hungary" he added.

Of course, we acknowledge that there are political wrangling in European politics and one of the debates concerns Hungary, but we consider this is as being a natural part of European politics. Oftentimes, the European Union is out of control.

I used to go to the European Parliament to listen to our critics. These debates are always exceptional experiences. Here facts usually do not play any important role, but we hear accusations and rants of all kinds; members of the parliament often scream and lecture on political ideologies described his Strasbourg experiences the prime minister.

The economic growth, the shrinking public debt and dropping unemployment rate are crucial arguments that are supporting our policies. The prime minister also added that next year, there will be national election in Hungary; "the two things, economic growth and national election will calm European public opinion; until, we just have to hang in there".

Orbán added that success is a delicate thing, but Hungary already produced results; for example, "many countries engaged in borrowing, we stepped out of it." In Hungary, national debt decreases, the unemployment rate drops, the budget deficit was two per cent last year, the government has introduced a fair burden sharing legislation and an international consensus emerged that in 2013 the Hungarian economy will grow.

"We achieved these results because we go our own way. I feel there is a touch of Christian inevitability in this. One of the central messages of Christianity is this: truth can't be dictated, only preached. We chart our own path and we hope that we receive more and more respect as we push forward" said the prime minister.

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