PM Viktor Orbán was tricked into a catch-22 situation

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

As we have reported earlier, Jewish groups pressured PM Viktor Orbán to ban a biker parade planned for the same day as the March for Life annual Jewish event is held.

Now, the very same groups are attacking the prime minister and police for banning the event; they argue that police unlawfully banned a legal event, which is against the rules of democracy.

Budapest Police Headquarters confirmed the ban of the bikers' rally Monday afternoon.

TASZ (a liberal NGO) argues that the ban of the event happened several days after it was authorized. According to the liberal organization, once an event has been authorized, there is no legal basis to revoke it. Therefore, the prime minister's order to ban the event is not only illegal, but also the least effective response to an antisemitic provocation, says the globalist “human rights” organization.

The Helsinki Committee said the same thing as TASZ, but in addition it added that the government used a provision of the Paris Peace Treaty that regulates the movement of Nazi organizations as a basis for the ban. However, the treaty can't be applied in this case because Hungary didn't adopt the treaty in its panel code, therefore the Nazi event should go ahead as planned.

An event becomes unlawful only if a vulnerable minority is forced to listen insulting and intimidating opinions. According to this logic, the anti-Semitic bikers parade that has been planned near the Dohany street synagogue is an instance of intimidation and discrimination, it incites hatred against a vulnerable minority, which renders the event unlawful argued the liberal organization.

"If an anti-Semitic procession approaches to a location where commemoration service is being held with the obvious intent to disrupt the event it should be stopped, but not before says the statement released by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.

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Anonymous said...

Time to stop playing around. Vote Jobbik and save the nation.

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Anonymous said...

Orban made this statement in Spain:
" igazságot nem lehet diktálni, csak hirdetni lehet." {Truth cannot be dictated, it can only be declared/preached)
Then why did his party (Fidesz) enacted a "Holocaust denial" law with punishments for such denial? Isn't that "the 'truth' being dictated"?
Two-faced Janus zio-garbage, like the rest.

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