Police suspecting a repeat offender Gypsy criminal of killing transgender fashion designer Tamás Király

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Friends found transgender fashion designer Tamás Király dead on April 7, 2013 in his Baross street apartment. According to sources, the body was found in a “compromised position(?)” with a silk scarf wrapped around his neck.

Police issued arrest warrant on Tuesday against 39 year-old repeat offender gypsy criminal József Lakatos (see the picture) who is suspected of committing the crime.

According to Blikk, the famous fashion designer probably engaged in a strange sex game with his gypsy lover. Sources that are more familiar with these sorts of phenomena said that the lovers might have played some form of strangulation game to induce oxygen deprivation in order "to enhance sexual pleasure". It might be that the sex-game ended in a tragedy. Tamás Király's sex partner possibly fled the after his partner died leaving the half-naked body of the victim in “unmistakable position in bed(?)”.

Tamás Király must have known his killer. There's no way that on his way home he met a stranger and took him into his apartment said one of the victim's friends.

The fashion designer was famous for throwing lavish parties that he called Midsummer Night's parties. Boys and girls could attend these parties, even if Király called himself a representative of the third sex.

Sometimes he organized parties in his own apartment that anyone could attend, other times, the orgies took place in the open air.

Due to the hundreds of friends and acquaintances, police have a hard time sorting out fingerprints, as several hundred of these were found in the apartment. It can't be ruled out that one of those fingerprints identified the potential murderer József Lakatos said sources more familiar with the case.

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