Swedish nationalist politician Erik Almqvist moved to Hungary

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Former member of the Swedish parliament Erik Almqvist moved to Hungary permanently reporting Swedish news site.

The Swedish politician emphasized that among others, he has chosen Hungary because he finds the Hungarian conservative government's policies sympathetic. “Libertarian social conservatism and nationalism is the norm in Hungary”.

He is pleased that multiculturalism and feminism still haven't ravaged the country.

"Hungary has been a bit of my second country in a couple of years now," writes the Swedish politician on Facebook.

He is threatened by immigrant groups for standing up for his country. He writes: “I have received significant threat from sub-cultural groups, so I decided to move to Budapest."

He also writes on Facebook that he expects to be able to live and work in Hungary, where he has friends and acquaintances.

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Anonymous said...

The Sweden Democrats, that Mr. Almqvist recently represented in parliament, is a very soft nationalist party. They entered parliament in 2010, with 5.7% of votes. Now, they are in the polls at about 10%.

Mr Almqvist was forced to resign his parliamentary seat after a movie from a blat night in Stockholm in 2010 leaked to the press, showing an intoxicated Mr Almqvist say less positive things about immigrants. "Racistic" remarks about immigrants are not tolerated by the Sweden Democrats leadership - so Mr Almqvist had to resign.

In this post above you mention that Mr. Almqvist is threatened to life of immigrants. But it is rather ethnically Swedish leftist groups who resort to violence against Swedish nationalists.

Anonymous said...

never the less most seats in parliment are occupinied by zionist commie jew puppets

HungarianAmbiance said...

"In this post above you mention that Mr. Almqvist is threatened to life of immigrants. But it is rather ethnically Swedish leftist groups who resort to violence against Swedish nationalists."

I read this story by using google translator. Often, the software gives confusing translations and you have to guess to get the meaning. Please correct me if I misunderstood something relating to this piece of news.

Erik Almqvist said...

Honestly Fredrik, you cannot mean that I have made any "racist remarks about immigrants", though the exact words from a late night of drinking three years ago might not be the most interesting discussion today.

About the threats. At that time (before I entered parliament) it is true that the threats and violence that I experienced, first and foremost came from left extremists with Swedish background (trying to stab me with knives, throwing bottles, using batons etc at several occations). Since I left parliament however, it's mostly been young Swedes with immigrant background, and guys active in the Swedish hiphop community, that have threatened me on the streets.

Géza said...

I don't understand why you do not stay in your country and fight for it!!

You are already talk like a liberal (multi-culturalist) " young Swedes with immigrant background" They are not Swedes at all, they are just foreigners, who happened to life in your native country. So call them what they are and stop using the politically correct frazes.

That is what being a true nationalist means... not run for the people who invaded your country with the help of Swedish traitors. Running from the battlefield in time of "war" is called treason...

Besides that, we true (no brainwashed) Hungarians don't like a multi-cultural ideology and don't want it in our country and that includes all kind of foreigners.
Can you imagine Hungary is overrun by Swedes and slowly changing the make up of our country?
In other words Sweden for the Swedes, Hungary for the Hungarians.

Anonymous said...

@ Erik almqvist: Hi Erik. Note that I put racist in quotes. It is your former party who fired you for these statements - not me. It is your former party that has adopted an absurd "zero tolerance" of everything that did not fit with the establishment's worldview - not me.

Anonymous said...

Erik Almqvist:

Hi Erik!

Do not care about what Geza says, welcome to Hungary. and I wish your party a good luck in fighting against muslim and leftist scum! white terror is the only language they understand!

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