Teakwondoka Edina Kotsis subconsciously already focusing on the 2013 Teakwondo World Championships in Mexico

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Twenty-two year old teakwondoka Edina Kotsis won the Belgian open at the weekend, but she wants to stand on the top of the podium at the 2013 Teakwondo World Championships in Mexico.

When you woke up in the morning in Belgium, did you know that this would be your day?

The national team expects to win at least one medal in every competition. This time it was me who won it. I am in good shape, but I have to be on the top in the summer, at the Mexican World Championships. This is why I'm happy that I can train with foreigners in the Tata training camp.

At the preparation period can you still participate in major competitions?

Maybe in June, we participate in the Austrian open, but this is not sure yet. If all goes well, before Mexico we spend some time in America as part of the preparations.

Are you already focusing on the World Cup?

Not really, but we talk about it more often, so obviously it lurks in my subconscious. After winning an European Cup medal I would like to win a World Championship medal as well.

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