Thanksgiving Mass will be held on PM Viktor Orbán's 50th birthday

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Mass will be held on PM Viktor Orbán's 50th birthday on May 31 at six o'clock in the Inner City Parish Church learned

The church confirmed the news. The Thanksgiving Mass has been requested by the “Girls and Women for Viktor Orbán Association”, which is not a registered organization.

The head of the parish church Zoltán Osztie who is also the president of the Association of Christian Intellectuals said on that the organization is a long time supporter of the prime minister. Thanksgiving Mass can be requested for 700-1000 HUF said Osztie.

The prime minister was contacted through his press secretary, he sent back the following message.

Tisztelt Szerkesztő Úr!

Nem tudok róla, az ilyesmivel jobb megvárni az ember temetését. Semmilyen születésnapi bulit nem tartok, a feleségem megígérte, hogy meglepetés-party sem lesz. 50 évesnek lenni nem érdem, csak állapot, ezért nem is ünnepeljük.

Üdvözlettel: Orbán Viktor

He said he was not aware of the initiative; these things are better suited for funerals. Then, he added that he doesn't celebrate his birthday and won't be any surprise party either; being 50 years old is not a merit but a condition, because of this, they don't celebrate birthdays.

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