The globalist parties suffered humiliating defeat in Sunday's by-elections

Monday, April 8, 2013

Globalist coalition party candidate suffered devastating defeat in Sunday's by-election in Monor.

Fidesz candidate Ferenc Imre Balogh won Monor's first district with 55.94% of the vote. Jobbik candidate Tibor Bokros came in second with 29.02% and Socialist-Gyurcsany coalition candidate László Mikla finished third with 15.04% of the vote.

By-elections were held on Sunday in the municipalities of Monor, Regöly, Túristvándi, Jászszentlászló, Szászfa, Szeleste, Ipolytarnóc, Ostffyasszonyfa, Jék, and Sárosd. All by-elections brought Fidesz and independent victories. The globalist parties nowhere could come close winning any of the electoral districts, which shows that people are waking up and the globalist parties, despite getting support from abroad, can't fool the population anymore.

Jobbik statement:

The Monor by-election took place two weeks after Dunakeszi vote (where the globalist parties were also massively defeated ed.), which proves that now, Jobbik has become the second force not only the Eastern part of the country, but in Central Hungary as well -- the number one challenger of Fidesz. Jobbik candidate, Tibor Bokros received 29 percent of the popular vote, which is 11 percent higher than the party received in 2010. Hungarian voters see Jobbik as the only genuine alternative to Fidesz elevating Jobbik to the strongest opposition party status; in the meantime, the electorate visibly rejecting the globalist alternative torn by infighting and foreign influence.

2014 will be a crucial year in the history of our country. Now, Hungarian voters can chose a prepared and confident Jobbik party as an alternative to the current political course, as Jobbik already enjoys the trust of the people writes Jobbik Executive Director Gábor Szabó.

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