The Hungarian Army's new Information Center has been inaugurated

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Hungarian Army's new Information Center has been inaugurated in the Ministry of Defense on Tuesday. The new center makes IT security of the country much stronger said Defense Minister Csaba Hende.

The defense minister called the center one of the most important investments in national defense in recent years. The minister pointed out that one of the country's greatest challenges is to maintain cyber security, which is a major concern for NATO as well.

"We live in the age of cyber warfare” said the minister. We still have little experience about this form of warfare, but what we know is that all of our friends and our potential opponents invest huge amount of resources into IT security to provide adequate protection to the military, the country's infrastructure and the financial system.

Engineer-Brigadier General and the Army Information Systems and Defense Group Chief Sándor Vass said the new Information Center is a huge step forward; by using superior technologies we are able to make the army's IT system uniform, which makes much easier for military personnel to manage the system and protect data from hostile forces.

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