“This is the prize I will not return!” - Journalist Ferenc Szaniszló has been awarded with the Hungarian Nation Medal

Monday, April 29, 2013

At the World Federation of Hungarians Headquarters the President of the Organization Miklós Patrubány awarded Ferenc Szaniszló on April 26, 2013 with the Hungarian Nation Silver Medal as a recognition for lifetime achievements.

Szaniszló who produces the weekly TV magazine “Világ-Panoráma” (World Panorama) in his speech remarked that “this is the prize I will not return”.

(Notes: Ferenc Szaniszló was awarded with the Tancsics Prize by the Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog on March 15, 2013 at the recommendation of a group of Hungarian Journalists. However, the globalists believed that Szaniszló was not worthy for the award and put pressure on Minister Zoltán Balogh to take back the prize.

The Israeli ambassador to Hungary also voiced his concern over the award remarking that Szaniszló's views are classic examples of a new form of anti-Semitism, which should be rejected rather than honored. Finally, he called on the Hungarian government to take back the prize, because it was awarded to the wrong person.

The U.S. ambassador to Budapest also issued a statement expressing disappointment over the award describing Szaniszló's weekly TV magazine as hate speech.

The minister then bowed to the unbearable pressure and asked Szaniszló to return the prize, which he did.)

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